Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forgiveness, is a bless for human

Dear friend,
I'm sorry for not being able to talk to you for several days. I'm quite busy right now with some tasks until I too forgot to finish my core task in my place. About the news i heard from you, i sympathized with the situation but all of this is out of our control.
When we truly loved someone, we love them until we die. When we have fight with them, we didn't meant to. It's just a spice in our life. but when it turns out into a big quarrel, forgiveness is the medicine for all hurt feeling we endure after the quarrel. We just merely a single person who do not know what we are going to face in the future. However, if we have the gut to forgive, we have open the door of Bless from our God. God knows what better for us.
We cried, we run, we fill our soul with wrath, shouting, cursing and do all nonsense things we think might rationale to be done when we are in misery.
But in the end, who knows there is something we never see it? we never know it? It is the point where we have to stop all the nonsense acts and start to think positive about what we had gone through. Praying for God is the best way for us to forgive the person. once we forgive everything, God will make come to us of what we want. Our good intention should be paid once our action is carried out according to what we set in our heart.
Love, what else a person need in his/her life? a person need to love and being loved. It will make our world more peaceful than now. if everybody understand and nurture this value in all aspect of life, I think the word "WAR" has no meaning at all. Love too drives people crazy, insane in their world. But we my dear, as a human, we have to balance the love in our life. Love is a feeling which make us calm, warm and the most important, it makes us happy.

That's all for tonight. It's a bit late I assume. I'm finishing a cake now, with two layers. wish me luck. and to you too.