Saturday, April 30, 2011

You and Me

We're never talked
nor look at each other
You are a bright star
which shine with glory

I just walked the pace on my own
to see if i can see my own light
I'm just a glowing insect
at the riverside

looking to your light makes me smile
when your light sparkle, I'm happy
because you make my day
and so do other stars' shines

I wanna fly
to be a bright star
like you on the sky.
lighten the night
but i just a small light
it's a big difference
you and me

When I was green with envy
I just could see you from distant
Watching you
admiring you
if i could reach such bright star

when i see you again,
what i wanna see
a bright star upon my eyes
which i admired
which i miss

I'll wait for you
wait for you
to glow your light
and i keep this between
you and me

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hold Me Up

The sun is rising
waking me from my bed
I see you from distant

You are sleeping soundly
with your blanket on
Waiting you to waking

Hold me up
Hold me up
with Your Chain

I just need a hug
I just need a touch
from you
to drive my tears away
and make calm me down

We used to be so close
We used to be so nice
And I would say it was the best time
in my life
but I'll never have it again
for now

I'll remember the last dinner we had
I'll remember the last smile we had
I'll remember the last time of our life

Hold me up
Hold me up
from hurting you
let me fly
let me fly
away from our world

I'll never hate you
because I'll love you
Raymond Abdul

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hari ini datang kerja lewat sikit. Tak pe. Flexible hour. Datang lambat, balik lambat la.

Masuk department, sunyi. Diam. Pelik, sebab memang selama nie pun tak pernah bising. dengar lagu pun, Indon, Patah hati, lagu dangdut, lagu melayu.
Hari nie rasa kosong, biarpun Sakinah asek cakap internet tak laju. Masih kosong.
En Syukri tanya "Bile habis intern?" "Lambat lagi."

Lunch awal, ada gulai telur itik. Tanya akak kantin, telur apa? "Ayam" Pelik. Tak pernah nampak gulai telur ayam camtuh. Dekat Pukul 2 baru nak pergi solat. Surau rasa kosong. Memang kosong sebab takde orang.

Kenapa hari nie rasa kosong? Kosong sangat. Main lagu Britney Spears, Radar, rasa kosong, tukar lagu Gurindam Jiwa pun rasa kosong. Pergi surau rasa kosong. Tengok meja Hanis pun rasa kosong. Even selama ni tak pernah rasa kosong pun. Pelik.

Balik rumah naik motor dengan Hanis pun rasa kosong. Something missing. and I miss the thing very much.

Sampai rumah nampak present dari Duan and Lan. Owh.. baru faham kenapa hari nie rasa kosong.

Kalau main lagu Radar mesti nyanyi dengan Fatimah....
Kalau buka lagu Gurindam Jiwa mesti kena tumbuk dengan Ain, sebab lagu sayu sangat.. haha...
Kalau pergi surau mesti jumpa Lan dengan Duan...
Kalau balik naik motor dengan Hanis mesti Duan buat perangai kat tepi... hahaha... nakal...

Walaupun sekejap je jumpa, rasa sedih sangat sebab semua dah habis.

Minggu nie Alif dan Shahril ek?
Lambat lagi kan nak habis internship nie.... haish...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Genta Merah

Genta Merah itu berbunyi lagi
Nyaring, kuat,
Membelah damai jasad ini
setelah dikunci oleh rantai Amalan

Jin, Syaitan bersorak riang
berdansa girang
memecahkan istana Iman
mencemarkan Kamar Hati
dengan lumpur dosa

Genta Merah itu berbunyi lagi
memalu dengan kuat
menarik tirai putih
jatuh jauh kebawah
jurang neraka

Itu lagu mu syaitan
setelah genta itu dibuka
belenggu yang telah lama

Putuslah kau wahai Genta
putuslahmu dari tempatmu
hancurlahmu di tanah ini
agar sang syaitan sayu
menangis lagu sedih

Leaving and leaving....

More and more practical students are leaving my company.
Pretty sad coz we've been quite crazy for a short time.
Thanx to Encik Eddie for bringing us to iPOCS, we did know each other better.

Last week, Fatimah and Ain just finished their internship. Totally finished and looking for a job. Ain is coming this May, Fatimah still has no news bout her.

Duan and Lan this week.

Shahril and Alif next week

E-pull on June

And us finally on July 15th.

Me? If I have to stay, might be longer.

Crazy, two weekends full of activities, outings and crazy stuff.
Mind if we did again if you guys work in Petlin? hahahaha....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kisah Dua Hari

Bulan 4 nie ramai dah nak habis practical. So dua orang aweks nie pon buat jugak la gathering tuk kitorang. Dah kamching dah lepas iPOCS, Pergi jalan-jalan Kuala terengganu. So petang Khamis tu kitorang pergi gather kat Tanjung Batu (mentang2 dapt pot baru kan.. hahaha..) Sapekah awek2 tu? Mereka ialah Fatimah Nur Zahra yg mesti hot sentiasa, dan Zunnurain yg comel lote. Pada informasi anda (FYI), mereka nie masih single, eh, Ain dah kena amik dah. so melepas la korang kan.. hahaha...
Ramai2 kitorang makan kek! dari Secret Recipe. Kek SR nie agak muak sket kalo makan banyak2.. tp makn je la kan.. tak tahu la kenapa la kan, mesti ada leftover. One slice lg, xde org nak rembat. So apa lagi kan, sebagai pemilik perut bunting 4 bulang, maka mulut aq pun makan la slice terakhir tu. tu tak tambah dengan kek daun n ain yg aku rembat skali..
Ye la, daripada membazir, baik habiskan. Kenyang setan dalam perut tu.. hahahaha...
Nie awek2.... mai.. mai.. 2 ringgit selonggok... hahaha...
yg atas kayu tu ain, yg satu lg tu mestilah fatimah...hahaha...

Kelmarin (2 hari lepas)

Kisah 1
Pagi, nak pergi kerja, naik keta dengan Faiz. Tengah borak2 best2... tiba2 nampak sorang motorcyclist tgh terbaring atas lantai.
Accident. tak pernah tengok depan mata. but we just arrived a few minutes after the accident. The helmet was still spinning on the road.
Some said kena langgar lari, some said salah motorcyclist sendiri. My belief? Hit and Run. Mostly la kan. Motorcyclist selalu kena langgar nie.

Kisah 2
I was jogging in the evening. My mind still wondering the incident that morning. Once I was about to pass a junction, two motorcyclist were coming from behind. I stopped for a while, waiting for the motorcyclist to pass the junction. One of them slipped and fell down. in front of ME! followed with another one. Chinese boys, I was sure. I helped him to pick his motorcycle and that make me feel scarier to have a motorcycle.
My brother is sending me his motorcycle to me. Initially, i refused, but then I think may be it's not a bad idea to have a motorcycle, after seeing all those things? Call me freak, Yes I am! Hahaha...

4 months update

Wake up in the morning with a smile

even though my feeling cannot be described, I'm happy.

One task requires me to finish it in four months. Now doing multiple tasks which almost related to my field. Thank God!

Currently quite busy to update my blog and my broadband sometimes 'disappeared' at my office and 'appear' back when I go home.

I'm tired of smiling with hatred. So I erase the hatred, a few months ago, but some still got inside. Hope i can completely erase them all.

Life is moving fast. I have completed half of my internship period here. Happy, sad, awkward, scared, anxious, worried, and lots of feeling I had gained from this experience. However, I hope everything is OK and nobody will get hurt.

I'm afraid my once-I-had-disease came again and get worse. May be I'll try to fight it and hopefully cut my connection with the people who I made contact with it. Sorry for troubling you and I appreciate your kindness and understanding. That's why I can erase the hatred. Thank You.

My company is quite small and I learnt about the process of the product making and it seems interesting. Hahaha... Should I change my field? But I see some opportunities in this company which I think usable for the company, Just need time o grab them. Pray for me to do well in my internship. Hope that will give benefit to all people.

By the way, Thank You Shadiqin Firdus for your update. Really help me here.