Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Journey in the Land of White Elephant

It was a long but memorable journey. I want to Thailand last 2 weeks with FESCO 2010 committees for Cross Cultural Program and we really enjoy the trip so much!!!

Day 1: Friday 12/3/10
Running from Internet programming lab, I have to run past the mirror buildings and I was too excited to go to Thailand. Thank God, I'd given my friend my clothes first so he could carry it together when he left his room. But I make things on time. Really glad about this. We depart from UTP at 5pm and stopped at Sungai Perak RnR for Asar prayer. Then the bus continued to Changloon, Kedah. When we reached the border, I was so nervous because this is my second time I left Malaysia!!! yeah!!! Well, as a boy from a village, I'd never have chance to go oversea. Well, this is a good opportunity for me to travel and widen my view about this world. it takes about 5 hours for us to reach the borders and we continued our journey to Walailak University another 4 hours. Once we reached there, we were welcomed by them warmly. I was so grateful when I saw some of them tried very hard to become as fresh as they could when we arrived in there. Thank you so much for your efforts. Credit to Walailak University student.

Day2: Saturday 13/3/10
I couldn't sleep after performing the prayers. My eyes was wide open, and my spirit was full on that morning. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I told myself to sleep. Asking Shukri and Eqram to take a look at the place, it is worth to explore. We were placed at Sports complex, but the facilities are in the best condition. I was so happy because the toilet is quite similar in Malaysia compared my experience when I was in Singapore..haha.. at last, after taking a bath, I slept for a few minutes. Power nap.
We had our breakfast this morning with their breakfast. Nice, attractive yet different than ours in terms of quantity. We Malaysians eat a lot when it comes to meal. Haha.. well that breakfast is enough for us as we didn't do hard works. Just have a nice viewing session. We then went to Nakhon Si Thammarat Museum. Museum is one of my favorite place as this is a place for me to learn the culture and the lifestyle of the country. Interesting and fun. That were my feeling on the day.

The trip continued to the temple in Nakhon si Thammarat. The temple name was... i can't remember :P Well, some of us really find the trip to this place was awesome and we waited for another exciting things coming for us.
At night, we were celebrated with performances from both university. Walailak University dancers came with their traditional dances and the modern one. UTP also performed two dances at that night. Everyone in the house look so happy and that makes me happy :)

Day3: 14/3/10
We had to leave Walailak University on that day. It was so heart to leave the place as we were welcomed as family members in Walailak University. However, we have to continue our journey to Hat Yai for our Appreciation Night.
During our journey to Songkhla, the bus I took was so noisy, havoc and full of energy. We use to call it as Bus no1. Bus no 1 was never silent from the beginning of the journey until the end of it. As we had our Project Director, Keane, a big mouth and quick-response-giver friends, the bus was totally packed with voices. i don't think the other bus have the same atmosphere. Hahaha...
As we reached Songkhla, we went take pictures with the mermaid statue. I was not attracted by the satue but i more like to take pictures with the beaches. As a result, I became the hot topics among the Bus no1 members.
We reached at our hotels that evening. We boys stayed at Pink Hotel while the girls stayed at Grand Season Hotel. My roommate was Syazwan and he accompanied me through out the journey. Thanx Syazzy. ^^ That night, We had our Appreciation Night and just let that night keep within ours... I'm not gonna tell you further.. hehe...
After Appreciation Night, we went shopping!!!! Well, I bought some souvenirs which i could buy as the money was not so sufficient..huhu.. if not i will buy more for my friends.

Day4: 14/3/10
Another day of shopping.(please read with a tired tone) We went shopping around the city and of course, some of us went shopping before we went for breakfast. freaky, isn't it? After having the nice breakfast, we continued shopping, shopping, and shopping... until the clock showed 1130am, we started left the market. Everything was packed, ready to leave Thailand.

Once we stepped out from the border, I looked back to the place where we, FESCO2010 committees, who didn't know each other become as close as a family and this trip unite us.

Thanx to Walailak University for your welcome at your place. When I woke up last week it looked like I was still in Thailand, although I was in UTP. Almost one week, every night I dreamt about our journey in Thailand. Thanx to all my friends who make the journey interesting. Farahin, Keane, Awanis, Hana, Syazwan, Alif and those people from Bus no1, YouRock Guys!

Tiring, satisfied and happy, that what I could say about our journey to the Land of White Elephant. ^^

Friday, March 12, 2010

Forgive me

"Forgive Me"

Can you forgive me again?
I don't know what I said
But I didn't mean to hurt you

I heard the words come out
I felt that I would die
It hurt so much to hurt you

Then you look at me
You're not shouting anymore
You're silently broken

I'd give anything now
to kill those words for you

Each time I say something I regret I cry "I don't want to lose you."
But somehow I know that you will never leave me, yeah.

'Cause you were made for me
Somehow I'll make you see
How happy you make me

I can't live this life
Without you by my side
I need you to survive

So stay with me
You look in my eyes and I'm screaming inside that I'm sorry.

And you forgive me again
You're my one true friend
And I never meant to hurt you

[Thanks to for these lyrics]
[Thanks to for correcting these lyrics]


*What you see here is what I have deep inside my heart. I'm sorry.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Of an Anniversary, Smashing eggs and an Event

4th March.
Busy, busy, busy. I was totally packed with meetings on that night. 830pm, meetings with Internship FYP Sharing, 930pm, FESCO 2010 meetings, waiting for briefing from CnP dept, 1130pm, meetings with Beepers.

Internship n FYP Sharing committee meeting. We started our meeting with a chicken chop, shared together among committe.. why? Can't tell you..haha.. Problems one by one raised by the committees and gratefully those probs were solved immediately. Until 930pm, i had to skip the meeting and ran as fast as I could to Chancellor Hall.
Waiting for briefing from CnP FESCO2010. Unfortunately, most of the ushers were not there and i was look like stranded alone. Thanx to Lily and Atika Seri for briefing me some important info that I should not miss.
Walailak University delegation had arrived in UTP. Unfortunately, PIC was not there to guide them to their rooms. Tired and annoyed, the delegation was so upset with the management. Volunteering myself as a subtitute, I think I must do the role if there will be no one wants to be responsible on Thailand delegation. Nothing much I could do. The only thing I could do is to clear the communication between FESCO2010 and Walailak university delegation. Alhamdulillah, one of them can speak Kelantanese and we clear things up and I hope the next day would be fine. Thanx to UTP Thai Student Association for their help. Really appreciate your help.

1130pm-130am(5th March)
SIFE meeting. As usual, brainstorming and discussion. Nothing difference. Just need to do some visit on Sunday. As I tried to rush back to my room, the BEEPers stopped me from a while. I was startled when they remember my birthday. Well, I'm not a person who really celebrate my birthday. Thanx guys for the KFC and what i can't expect from them is a game which become my first birthday prank ever. With smashing eggs and water, you guys n girls really messed me up. Thanx God U didn't bring along flour or curry powder. or else I'm gonna die on that nite.

After washing my clothes n clean my body, i can't sleep, Walailak University is still in my mind. Opening my browsers, i was looking for something for the our guest. Hopefully the next morning they will feel better. learning some Thai terms in the middle of morning. huhu..

I started my birthday morning with an order to V5 cafe to prepare some breakfast for the Thai students, Asking the officer to have a breakfast together, well, they prefer to have their own. No offense. Making sure everything is in order. Sharing worries with CnP dept, when no university came on time except Tati... they conquered the stage that morning. Good for them.

I must not skip the Internet Programming lab. very crucial. huhu... Luckily I was there. not so difficult. but still can't finish on time. huhu...

SIFE discussion. Finalize the points for our meeting on Sunday.

Teaching Walailak university dancers the 1 Malaysia dance. I'm not an expert, but I still can teach some basics. Confused between the cut version or the full version. I taught the full version. very tiring.

Hanging around at CH. If people need my help... huhu..

6th March 2010
0800am -530pm
Greeting TAJ International College and some other universities, Taj university dancers were so nice and kind. They give me full cooperation. May be we were just met and not so close.huhu.. but they give full cooperation. Hopefully the guy who was injured during the rehearsal is ok right now. huhu. I'm a bad usher... I led them to their make up room and help them as possible as i could. Sorry guys if I neglected you all. huhu...
Greeting others universities' dancers was an exciting experience too. knowing many people. Luckily i have to take care not too much people. and They are nice to me too. Thanx Taj supporters.. hehehe...

A very busy time. We have to take the dancers to their seats and if there were VIP, we have to bring them to VIP suite.
I didn't bring my team to the seat. so cruel..huhu... As I was not assigned to any tasks, i did almost all tasks around Chancellor Hall, from be an usher, I ran to make sure the doors are lock, cut the tickets, dealing with those who tried to enter the event illegally. Such a stupid action I saw in front of my eyes. Did he has a brain or not? i said, he didn't! stupid guy! Haha...
Stress was everywhere. I need to check the available seats, concerns about the tickets, my DANCERS!! i almost forgot my dancers. I tried to be with them as possible I could. Sorry guys for the improper treat to you.
Once the event is done, It's look like I was exhausted. I went back to my room and sleep.

7th March 2010
Had a meeting with those makcik2... talking and discuss with them about our business. Had a post mortem on the spot at Mee rebus Ramli. Huhu.. thanx all for your help. Finished my homeworks and at nite, i died on my bed.

I apologize on my mistakes and my unavailability to attend some of the events properly. Hopefully you enjoy working with me. Thanx for your full cooperation.
See ya.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcoming Event-FESCO 2010

Sibuk, Sibuk, Sibuk!
tiap2 hari ada je keje nak dibuatnye. ada saje mende yg nak call, ada je mende yg xcomplete. kalo x events, academic. Matiler aq dgn sume nie....
Malam nie ada meetings. 3 meetings. one at 8pm, one at830pm another one 1130pm. Pergh... sibuk giler.... tapi meeting 8pm baru je diinform semalam. Sedangkan meeting 830pm di inform pada 3 hari lepas. So babai meeting 8pm.
meeting 1130pm tu meeting kelab yg paling aq syg kt UTP nie.. ala2 dah sebati dgn hidup kt utp nie.. ye la.. kelab pertama aq join kot... Saya Sayang SIFE.... so bg la komitment ek... sori la fika coz bizi cam cipan jer..huhu....
meeting 8pm meeting fesco, while 830 pm tu meeting Internship FYP sharing... sedihnyer... kalo boleh jadi naruto ok la jugak... tapi tu sume tipoo je la... xleh pon nk bg2kn diri... so I pilih 830pm...
Boleh bg kelonggaran sikit x? Hari2 I call taw.. tgh lecture pon boleh amik call lg. siap buat calling lg.. huhu... en CnP... nak dtg lewat boleh x??

Lupe plak tajuk kt atas kn? haha.. Upcoming event nie FESCO 2010, Festival of Colors of the World. I jadi usher untuk Taj university. Senang je nak berurusan dgn en Anif tue... 12 org dancers, 2 officers, 1 manager n 30 supporters.. maw kena bwk jln2 UTP dak2 nie..huhu... harap korang bg kerjasama la yer....
Kita ada 3 university dari oversea, Walailak University dari Thailand, Korean University n Universitas Gadjah Mada... dan ada dlm 16 university dari Malaysia seperti UMS, USM, Uniten, MMU, UiTM Seri Iskandar, UiTM Shah Alam, Tati university, Taj University n macam2 lg... tema kali ini merupakan creative dance 1 Malaysia (asek2 1 malaysia kn?) so kite tgok la apa yg dimaksudkan dgn konsep 1 malaysia yg difahami oleh golongan siswa siswi ini...

Meh la dtg ramai2...persembahan pada 6 hb nie dibuka kepda sume org di dlm n diluar UTP. bile lg nk tgok persembahan yg grand nie kan? so siap2 beli tiket n dtg la ramai2. Nak tiket? meh call no saya. 0199095528. RM5 jer ok..I nie boleh je terime sapa2.. haha...

p/s: hopefully boleh siapkan everything on the time... huhu...focus2... matiler kalo miss nini tahu aq sibuk dgn events.huhu..

moments dgn kelab yg busy tapi underground dia punye xtvt...

Saya sayang SIFE! ^_^