Thursday, September 29, 2011


baru je masuk sem baru. Tapi sem nie bukan macam sem-sem yang lepas. Sebab sem nie dah jadi pelajar tahun akhir atau Final Year student. So, sebagai Final year student, kenalah buat Final Year Project.
I've been waiting for this time for a long time. Bukan excited with that FYP but the thrill of being final year student. Ye la, your mind and mentality cannot be like when you were in your final year period. Everything must be advanced. Your knowledge bout IT must be advanced too.
If I check back all those things, macam tak layak pulak jadi IT student. I'm not that well-versed in programming. I tried many times, Just can't have it in my heart.
Kat mana silap? Maybe I don't have interest in this field kot.
Tapi dah final year. Redah je la kan? apa lagi mampu anda lakukan bila dah seluk sekam, dah nak sampai ke pangkal lengan.
This evening went to FYP1 briefing. Habis briefing je rasa stress. nak duduk pun tak senang. Idea Idea Idea. Entah nak cari mana idea-idea untuk projek kali nie. Walaupun research sekalipun. Kitorang punya FYP1 nie agak rushing. Minggu depan dah nak tengok proposal. Hari Rabu Pulak tu. Kalau Jumaat boleh tahan la sikit. Lepas tu kena attend compulsary lecture lagi. Aku bukan la jenis yang susahkan orang. As long aku boleh dan mampu buat semua tu, rasanya aku akan buat. Kalau dah itu kerja kau, buat je la.
Sebagai korban, aku terpaksa tinggalkan SIFE World Cup dekat KL Convention centre. Event tu 3-5 october 2011, kena submit kat lecturer proposal untuk FYP1 pada 5 october. Mati aku! petang 5hb tu pulak ada lecture. Maknanya takleh tinggal utp langsung la nie... Ini baru bizi giler.
Tambah2 nak kena pahamkan Software Agent pulak. Aiyoyo.. pening kepala den nak membacanya. Tajuk nie pun kena jumpa lecturer untuk clarify yang kita belajar. itu tak belajar Embedded System lagi tu! Ditambah dengan Strategic management lagi. Tak pasal-pasal kena drop Malaysian Studies sebab lecturer agak memeningkan kepala.
FYP berjaya buat hati tak tenang, otak tak berhenti-henti berfikir cari idea dari segala sudut dah. tak tahu sudut mana lagi dah nak tengok. Poning poning poning...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After Raya, I went to my brother's house at Flora Damansara. Right, to merapatkan silaturrahim, like my makcik told me. So I went there with a mission- to clean up his house. I'm pretty know bout my brother's behavior. Or should i say boys' behavior. We never have a really clean house! The first day i started cleaning the house.
Olala~ It was a mess. Clothes scattered around, fall hairs, and many more. I'm glad this house is not that big. I took two days to clean up the house. And the implication I have to bear? FLU. I had flu for three days in a row, plus an eye infection. On the second day, I was taking a nap in the afternoon. My elder brother woke me up. I, who was half- concious screamed as I saw him standing next to me. i was like looking a a ghost! Haha... Helping him carrying his friend's stuffs into his car, my elder brother left me alone at the house.
I was still have running nose on the third day. But that was better than having an eye infection. Fourth day, my brother took me to The Curve to buy a broadband. However, the broadband cannot be used for two days. I was waiting and waiting. Finally I had my chance to connect to the Internet.
The first thing I opened? Of course Facebook. Then I opened UTP student portal. I was late to register my coming semester for three days. Sad, but I have to. I chosed Software Agents and Embedded technology. However, the courses were full. I was... hurm.. I might don't have my luck with Software engineering major. Thus I took multimedia major. Many of us took Software Engineering. Because I was late, then I can't take the major I desired. I was disappointed.
With heavy heart, I completed the form. I can't imagine myself in the class, with my mouth dropped down, listening to the lecture. I just let the fate play with me...
My makcik made a gathering on Sunday. I went on Saturday, and on Sunday, i had an infection, my sister Dura and Farah had flu. We didn't know what happen, but we think It was the house's fault. It was the house. We siblings are very sensitive with dust around us. If the house/room was dusty, we will suffer a flu. Seriously.
After one day spent back at my house, today, I am good as usual. So I strongly believe that it is the place made me sick.