Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plan your Industrial Training. You'll never regret it.

Hi there! It has been more than 1 month I'm having my industrial training. I'm glad I still enjoy my training because this training taught me lots of things (I mean it, ouwh~) and of course I'm doing something related to my studies. but more with multimedia, not software. However, instead of looking it from bad side, hey! I'm learning an interesting thing here. I adores those who masters in the film making and montage making, you're the sifu! I salute those who have the brains to think out of the box to show the world the most jaw-dropping and magnificent artwork.

I think all my friends are happy with their internship placements. I hope this positive attitude will never last in our life. So for those who are planning for your coming internship placement, do not feel weird to plan from now because it's never late to plan for the future. I heard some people complaining they have to do some tasks which are not related to their field. Let me tell you honey, you choose the company, the job scope and you must make sure your training must have something to do with your field. Never say any regretful thought once you have started your training. Why don't we look through some steps to search for a compatible company with your career prospect.

What are you expecting from your internship? having a better understanding in your field? or just to pas by the internship because you want to finish your studies immediately. If you are looking for work related to your field, choose the companies which their core business is related to your field. If you want to choose something out of your field, you can choose other companies too. but later, do not regret with your choice you made. Remember.

Plan which company you would like to work with. There are tonnes of them out there. First, choose the company which has the highest rank. Go for the best! DO NOT limit yourselves towards one company only. Make a list of companies you would like to have your industrial training. Make it until 20 to 30 companies. No worry, we just open ourselves for an option.

do some researches regarding the companies you would like to go. Open their websites and learn what services they offer for you. Some companies will provide some information about industrial training they provide for practical students. They are hunting for people with top attitudes for their companies so it's your choice to perform your best work later. Please make yourself available for any talks from companies who visited your university. who knows you can find your placement when you attend the talk? And search the company core business and how you as practical students can learn from the company.

Once you are convinced there are several companies which you like to have your internship, apply to the company with a proper approach. Use proper words and if you received any offer from any company. Do not simply decline an offer. and Please, do inform Person-In-Charge from SIIU so they will know your status. and never feel lazy to call them. if you try to tell them n receive no reply from them, that is not our problem. Ahakz~

If you have made your mind to accept the offer, please reply your confirmation immediately. If you do that, you have make at least 3 people smile; you, the HR personnel who call you, SIIU personnel who handle your internship. The rest, Insya Allah you will face no problem.

It is wise for you to find the nearest house to your workplace because you do not want to increase your transportation cost. If your internship place is near to your house, why not just stay at your house. Free accommodation and food. You just need to worry bout the transportation only. But if it is far away from your hometown, it is better to find the house and some housemates~ it is quite expensive to pay the house rent by yourself. So do plan where are you staying and with whom you are going to share your house.

This point has no relation to the internship. Just focus on your final exam. Do not get distracted with this thing. but still you can carry on with confirmation of the house, the deposit, ect.

Any way, Good Luck peeps!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sakit gigi nie....

4 hari nie sakit gigi... sakit gile.... dah la kat geraham... pastu separuh hidup lak... bayangkan sakitnye bak midi cakap sakit paling teruk lepas bersalin. Mood tak elok, kawan pm gtalk pon buat bodo jer. kawan datang pun buat bodo je. kena mengunyah byk2. call me cazy.. it worked. So hari ni baru pergi jumpa doktor. doctor ckp syg nak buang gigi sebab separuh dr gigi masih hidup aka masih melekat. So kalo nak cabut kena pergi kemaman. xtaw la cmane. minggu depan pergi lagi tuk scaling. Nak cuci gigi.. hahaha.. gigi aq dah kotor sgt la... dah berus gigi sekalipun.
so sori kpd kwn2 yg aq xlayan ek. sakit gigi la... sv pon aq buat dono je.. padahal kena siapkan video minggu depan.. huhu.. sori sv~

*gmbr gigi xboleh tunjuk. buruk bebenor nak tunjuk...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy new Semerster friends~

The new semester is coming for those who are going to continue their study, i would like to wish you Happy learning and strive for the best... :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

If I cry today

You and me
have a ride on the wheel
on the road
to the sea

The wind blow my hair
while I'm staring at you
You keep in silence
no one knows what you feel

If I cry today
Nothing else but you
to be with you

The wave is calling
for us to play and tease
in the warm water
we splash the water to each other

If I cry today
It's nothing but be with you
there's nothing I need but you

Let the breeze tell you
what I feel
when we are distant
our eyes were never met

I just can't resist
your voice when you call
I just can't resist
your eyes when you glare

All I see is only you
my eyes is blind because of you
I never know this
would happen again
to me

I thought we'd spell out
the end
but now we're sitting
on the beach
facing each other
cracking a smile
for a long time

I just can sit at the back
keep my tear from falling down
and see you from behind
and for the last reason
to day I cry.

Friday, January 7, 2011

You make me smile :)

We never met before
how the fate give us the chance
to know each other
you understand me the best
and you make me smile

when I fall
into the lake of tears
you lend me
your shoulder
let me freed
from the misery chains

I miss you
as we never see for ages
even we just saw each other
or i can see our pictures together
in the screen
and you make me smile

when you left me here
alone at the pavement of life
I have to walk it alone
with misery and cries
I never seen my life
like that before

meeting you again
is what I'm waiting
to see you
and have my time
with you

because it is only you
who can make me smile again

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just let me smile tonight

You and me
we had our time together
laughing to the guys
in the TV
to our friends
who cracked a joke

When our eyes met
we just could smile
with shy
we never know
it might be the last time
we have the moment
with pure hearts

It's the past which I treasure
so just let me smile tonight
for our moments

I can't remember
how did we met
when we started to talk
we start to see each other
getting closer
and closer

it doesn't matter 'cause
it is only the past
so just let me smile tonight
for our moments

Hovering in my mind
our moments
make me to stop doing my job
thinking bout you
your warm smile
your soft voice
whispering to my ear

When the sombre cloud
rained over me
I knew you was there
for me

I don't think
it will happen again
like a dream
I feel it in
but disappear
when I open my eyes

but I still smile
when I saw you
so just let me smile tonight
for our moments

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011.


Currently I’m updating my blog from my bus from Shah Alam to Paka. Although this is the second day of 2011, I think it is not late for me to wish happy new year to all my blog readers. I hope all of you will get what you want. Well, nothing much I want to have this 2011. My hope this year is, I hope this year will not be filled with misery that much. Looking back in the past year, 2010, I think I lived with misery, most of the time. I cried, I felt disappoint, I want run away from this world and disappear forever. Well, after I reflected my life before, I think I have to make sure my life in this new year full of joy, cheers and fun.

Why should I spend my life with something which I will never get in my life??? I kept asking myself last month. Why should I cried over a spilled milk? Why should I bother those crazy nuts outside there when I’m fooling myself here. Very well, I just let them get the hell out from my life. ‘cause I don’t want to cry again, to fell misery, to feel the anger and scream it out from my life.

Peeps, you know that we should move on and put that shit behind and never look back ‘cause there’s nothing you will get back from those nuts. Just move on and live our life the fullest!!!!

And my last word today,

Put the misery outside and carved a beautiful smile from now on.

Have a blast!