Monday, June 29, 2009

Penang Hectic Holiday

12:00 midnight, 24 June 2009
Letih, 2 days of writing, correcting and memorising text for SIFE SHELL. Every face in V2 meeting room shows a tiring and sleepy face. None of us has any energy to do any works anymore.
Out of blue, Sol suggested a trip to Penang. At 2 am. Haha, everybody was shocked and opposed the plan as 24 june is 1st rejab and we just plan to watch Transformers at JJ. Thats all.
Back at my room, reay to put my head on my lovely pillow, my phone vibrated and a message appeared:
"Korang, kalo puasa pun boleh gerak g penang kan?"
OMG! The trip to Penang is on! I who initially opposed the plan just follow my fellow friends and made myself comfortable with the trip.
Tiring but we had lots of fun. Starting from our arrival in Penang, this is the first time I boarded a ferry to penang, Well, as a boy from a poor family, I never had a holiday to Penang, but just around Kelantan. However, that's enough for me because I was still with my family. An exciting experience for me when I was on the ferry, looking it move gently, across the sea to the island of Penang. We then went to Masjid Kapitan Kling to perform our Fajr prayer. Amazed with its architecture, i could say that the masjid is so old but still has the elements of India in it style. Then we went somewhere to have the breakfast, except me, hadi, ayoh n choki. we were fasting on that day.
Next destination, Bukit Bendera. Taking one of the slowest train in South East Asia, we could say, there's nothing interesting on the top of Bukit bendera. Haha... But we still managed to take some pics there. Qayyum is the one who was being 'cursed' and 'condem' for bringing us to that place. pity him so much... huahuahua.... Sleepy? Most of us sleep in the train. it's not so comfortable, but most of us do sleep. hehe...

hehe.... sleepy huh?

UTP SIFERs at Penang

Magic telescope-I can see the whole Penang from here. Haha...

Having durians and rambutan during thier season is the most pleasure thing in Malaysians. I really wanted to eat durian. But cannot la... puasa... huhu...

Bean... I want that durian... my mouth is full of water already.... huhuhu...

Queensbay Mall- we then moved to Queensbay Mall to buy something. Apparently, not all of us, just a few of us, including me.. haha... Well it is a big place and huge enough to be called 'supermarket'.

HAving their luch at somewhere near to the seaside, i just walked around n memorise the speech that i'm gonna need to remember. huhu....
When we made our way back to Ipoh, we decided to pass the Penang bridge. The rain was so heavy and we hardly could see anything infront of us. Only lights signal that guided us to continue our journey to Ipoh...

As planned before, the Transformers is on n we made our direction to UTP. Hectic.

"With hectic works come Hectic holidays"

The fading memories....

Walking alone to my room, carrying a brown paper box, the day was not different than any working day. Stepping onto a lane which connect V1 and tha V1 cafe, I slowly walked my path to my room. As i could see someone in 'kain pelikat' is marching out from v1c block, I recognised him as one of my friend, Idham. I passed through a small field and greeted him as usual. Nothing much we talk about. for example bout life, how busy you are, what are you gonna do then when you finish your works...bla bla bla... until he asked me a question: Are you going back to your hometown in this coming weeks??

Stunned by his question, I wondered when was the last time I went back to my hometown. Calculated the months I spent at Subang Jaya and UTP, it has been a long time.
"Nope. my coming holiday is this Raya." Idham's jaw dropped a little. I could see that from his impression. Then i started to talk about my short holiday which this is my shortest holiday in my life as a student in UTP, which is 2 weeks only and the longest holiday which I ever spent at my hometown since I become a student here is only one month instead of 7 weeks.

Remembering my house at Kelantan, I really miss my house. However, this feeling is not as bad as those who just got separated from their parents. I'm not a person who really miss my house in the beginning. however, after I spent my life for 5 months at UTP and Subang Jaya since this early 2009, I started to wonder about my house there. How the house had given a lot of memories to me and my family. This house is also really significant with my parents. If my mind crossed my house, it also reminds me to my parents.

Parents, those person who sacrifice their life to grow their beloved children so they will have a bright future. As my mind fading the image of the house, it looks like it fading the imges of my mom and my dad. Seriously speaking, the thing that I'm afraid right now is losing the faces of my parents. For my mom, I still keep her picture in my wallet. However, my dad, although we spent lots of time together talking about the history of his life, our hometown history, practising our English together, It's look like i'm losing his face in my memory. Too many new people I know and the person who is no longer with me is being forgotton. I really hope the memory of my family, especially my parents is still clear in my mind so I will not forget to those who had taught me on how to behave appropriately and survive in this cruel world.

Umi, Abah.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Early Edition~ A drama for reflection to all people.

It is 8 am in the morning. Running down from my room, upstairs, i switch on the tv and press '7' '0' '1'. AXN channel in Astro. It is my favorite drama which i addicted since 2007, Early Edition. The attraction of the drama is not just because of the main actor, Kyle Chandler as Gary Hobson, but the story itself.

Marissa, Gary, and Chuck (Season 1) three best friends who run a bar, Mc Ginty's in Chicago.

Early Edition is a tv drama about a man who got tomorrow newspaper today. and it is his duty to prevent accidents and disaster from occur in Chicago. He was kinda a samaritan in Chicago, the silent one where not much people recognised him as the one who save their life. However, instead of the adrenaline trigger scenes, there are some moral values which we as anyone can take it as our guide in or life. There are too much of them. you can simply download the video from youtube. it is interesting. Believe me.
His talent or his soft looking face?
But he really did a good job in Early Edition. I definitely will speechless if I can see him or got a letter from him (#_#)
well, it is just a dream not more than that.

Cake, kek, cake....

14 June 2009

Pagi2 lagi aq da bangun la..... siram2 pokok, basuh2 pinggan, tgok2 tv. Hilang jer keta Vios mami dr pintu pagar tu, aq cepat2 amik bekas plastik yg boleh aq letak tepung gandum. Dua bekas, semuanya aq buat double. Sarapan da amik da. tu pun selepas mak cik aq.
1 1/4 cawan Tepung bersama 1 1/2 camca teh Baking powder n 1 1/12 camca teh soda bicarbonate.
Mataku meliar mencari periuk kecil untuk mix kn 1 cwan gula perang, 1 cawan susu pekat, 4/5 cawan minyak sayuran (aq guna minyak masak jer), 1 cawan susu segar berperisa coklat n 1 cawan serbuk koko. Dapur diapikan. Kecil. tapi boleh la nak masak sumer nh. Berbekalkan senduk kayu, mixture itu dikacau perlahan-lahan. ada la dalam 5 minit, sampai mixture tu jadi cair dan sebati. Aq biarkan mixture yang panas tu sejuk sikit.
At the same time, 3 biji telur yam menjadi mangsa basuhan aq. Telur dipecahkan satu per satu. Digaul dgn gansnya, selama 5-10 minit. Aq amik campuran gandum dan soda bikarbonat n baking powder ke dalam periuk kecil itu. Sedikit demi seditkit. Aq kacau sehingga la semuanya sebati. Nak tahu sebati ke tak, adunan kena la tak ada warna putih, sume mesti coklat. n Adunan nampak ala2 cair sket.
Aq amik acuan kek, sapukan sedikit minyak, n aq curahkan adunan ke dalam acuan kek. tanganku mencapai aliminium foil dan aq pon menutup acuan tu dgn aluminium foil tersebut. Periuk kukusan bertingkat menjadi mangsa aq seterusnye....
Air paip memenuhi bahagian bawah bekas kukusan itu. Perlahan-lahan aq letakkan acuan kek yg penuh itu ke tingkat satu bekas kukusan itu. Jam menunjukkan 9:15 pagi. Sempat ke aq siapkan kek ni sebelum mak cik aq pulang? ujarku sendirian. Sambil ku kukus kek yang pertama, aq buat lagi kek yang kedua. Selesai saja kek kedua, acuan yg kedua buat hal la pulak....
Acuan kedua nh tak seswai bg kek aq. terpaksa la amik acuan bentuk teddy bear milik spupu aq. Setelah selesai, aq pon kukus adunan kedua bersama-sama adunan pertama.
Dalam masa kek aq dikukus, aq ada la buat tugas pembersihan sket2 basuh2 kipas, kemas2 bilik org gaji kt tgkt bawah rumah tu. Amazingly, kek yg biassa aq masak dalam 2 jam@ mask dalam 1 jam 45 minit jer, ada la lebih2 sket. tp x sampai 2 jam la....
Best sgt kukus kek nh..... len kali nak kukus lagi la....
HA... ini kek ke-2. ada betuk teddy bear. kecik tapi tebal. so aq pon potong bhgn tgh, letak coklat n coklat rice, pastu letak coklat kt atas n letak coklat rice. Kek nh dah habis pon dimakan oleh dak2 SIFE.

Ni plak kek no 1. Mak cik aq yg nak. So itu pasal la buat 2 kek. Tp sedihnyer kek nh, kt tgh tu jatuh, x kembang. X cukup baking powder ke soda bikar bonat. tp mak cik aq ckp x per. ok jer... ok je la....

Lepas nh, cuti tunggu raya jer la. Mak cik aq suruh aq plak yang masak kek. Adui la.... x taw la jadi ke x.

A confession of a 'once a month shopaholic'.

It was a half day work. Everyone wanted to go home. Me? Naa.... I'm not that too eager to go home. There's no one left at my home. UTP is my 3rd home.
That evening, Anep told me that he wanted to go to Ipoh to play bowling with pekma, bob n shahril. Reluctantly, i told him that I wanted to go along with them. Out of blue, something hit my mind. I STILL GOT WORK TO DO.
After i made my mind, i told Anep that would not be able to follow him to Ipoh.
After finishing my works, I watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, a newcomer in Bollywood. A love story which take place around Punjab, and a Sikh life setting. The story was so interesting until I almost forgot to go to the masjid for Asr Prayer. Alhamdulillah, I managed to go to the masjid.

Looking straight to the gloomy sky once I stepped out from the masjid, "It's gonna rain soon, Can i finish my shopping today?" I took a fast walk from the masjid to V2. Passing through V3, i bumped Joyce, my friend from Mozambique. She looked puzzled, knowing nowhere to go. We had a little chat and both of us went to V4 shop. I took a packet of biscuit and a cup of maggi and a packet of detergent. Making my step to V5, i walk alone while wondered what else i wanted to buy. At V5 shop, I grabbed a loaf of bread, a bottle of jam, a packet of instant Milo and a spoon. I was still figuring the name of the instant coffee in a cup, but I couldn't. Then i went to Mesra at Pocket D. Looking for the item which i really wanted, I searched the whole Mesra. Result: Disappoint. i took an orang juice and a Hi5 bread and leave the Shop with a bitter feeling. I took a chance to look at v3. Maybe i could find something interesting there. Unfortunately, nothing put me to be long at the store.
I called Anep if he can get two cups of Nescafe Expresso. I got it! Expresso! It rings to my mind as i accidentally said it. So I just let Anep to get the thing for me. I reached my room, continue watching Hindi film and just gone through the night alone.

Kinda bored, but I think I spend a lot yesterday.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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1. Copy badge "2009 Cute's Blogger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.
2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
Wanie ni.... s/u SIFE, suka kucing dier, hampir jadi salah sorg bini Daud, masih complicated, x taw la bujg lg ke da brpunya. sedang sibok dgn sol.... huahuahua...
3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di-tag)
  1. Suka senyum
  2. Suka baca buku2, paper2, ape2 jer la...
  3. cuti sem nh 2 minggu jer
  4. kesempitan baju, abg pojee x bg buka stor...
  5. skang dok dgn anep...
  6. Suka gelak sorg2 (x bermakna aq gila, ok?)
  7. Positif thinker
  8. pandai modified bende
  9. boleh cakap 3 bahasa, (bm,bi n b Kelantan)
  10. saya seorang yg fotogenik,
4. Anda perlu memilih 6penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.
  1. Aman
  2. moqa
  3. Midi
  4. Anep
  5. Arif amin
  6. Diqin

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sori moqa!!! lambt sket respon :(

1- Copy Award Diatas Untuk Diletakkan Di Blog Anda.
2- Nyatakan 5 Fakta Menarik Tentang Si Pemberi Award Ini.
  1. Dia la antara org paling best aq jumpa.
  2. Dia understandable
  3. Boleh diharap
  4. dia suka budak2, mcm aq... ^_^
  5. Dia lawak n unexpectable (yg baik je la)

3- Setiap Blogger Mestilah Menyatakan 10 Fakta Atau Hobi Diri Sendiri.
  1. Saya suka budak2 kecik
  2. ada impian yg x kesampaian
  3. saya suka membaca apa2 saja yg ter tulis dan menarik minat
  4. cabang minat saya ber cabang2 banyaknyer
  5. Saya pernah ada hubungan dengan raja, (ye la, kn ramai yg letak nama Raja)
  6. Saya ada kawan2 yg baik (fakta tu...)
  7. Saya suka bercakap sendirian bila sy keseorangn, so, jgn hntr aq ke rumah sakit jiwa kalo aq tgh ckp sensorg.
  8. Saya pernah rumate dgn midi, harith n che boo... fakta yg x dpt disangkal.
  9. Pernah menolak ajakan bercinta drpada seorg gadis, coz tgh study lg.... mak x bg...
  10. Saya seorg yg suka berahsia, tu la bg nama FnRSecret, secret sgt2.

4- Anda Perlu Memilih 10 Penerima Award Seterusnya Dan Describe Tentang Mereka
  1. sesaper
  2. sajer
  3. yang
  4. sudi
  5. menerima
  6. award
  7. ini
  8. lgpon
  9. ramai
  10. dh di'award'kn