Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pretty busy lately? Pretty busy??? I was like... "HELL YEAH! I WAS DAMN TOO BUSY!"
Seriously I thought 3 minor subjects and one major plus a Technopreneurship Team Project which accumulate 16 credit hours last semester was a piece of cake.
ON MY FACE! My life for the past two months went like hell! I was like.... "AAAAAAA!!!!! Why do we have to submit so much assignments!!!!" I was totally exhausted by the  assignments, tests and projects... totally gone crazy for that..

See??? See??? If you say it was just a piece of cake, think again... I just wrote down the submission date... to finish everything on time??? I takes sleepless nights to finish them all... T_T

Positively taking my second last semester, I find out:
1. I don't have to worry about my minor and my major anymore, just have one core subject left
2. I can focus more on my Final Year Project
3. I have more time to do activities ie: baking, reading, swimming, jogging
4. I can plan to find employment opportunity, more job interviews
5. I can meet new people, going out as I want
6. I learn to finish my job two days before the dateline, review, improve and submit on time.
7. Teamwork is very important, however the most important when working in a team is managing the team
8. Consensus is important, but once none of us can't make decision, leader should decide for the team
9. Be kind to all people, regardless who they are and how freak they are... hahaha...
10. Bye bye hectic life and Hello vacation!!! Hahaha...

Still not good? Well, I think that this is enough.... Next time, I'm gonna tell you about my last semester events.. Lots of things happened. A lot. I think I need two or three posts for it. Haha...

Ok, Gonna stop now because I need to go to the library. Yesterday I was a baker, now I'm a student. Gonna find some source for my Final Year Project!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Grey Hair

Grey hair makes me crazy. Lots of them on my head.

Dream: Masjid

It was afternoon. I just finished one of the chapter of my subject which i waited for tomorrow. And sure if you study on your bed, you'll fall asleep. Yes I did. And guess what? I had a very weird dream.

I was at Masjid Negeri Perak in Ipoh. I usually went there to perform my prayer, sometimes, If I just come back from Kuala Lumpur. But the architecture is a bit different. It has two stairs to second floor but the verandah is too big and too open. The Imam was giving some sort of preaching to the people in the mosque. He talked about a topic; when your heart is connected to masjid, you will feel the feeling. I'm not sure why i was touched by the topic. My heart was really touched by the preach and I wanted to cry for it. I went downstairs to perform my ablution. I was too embarrassed with the situation so I took my face down and went to the water pipe. There is a guy in front of me. He's tall. and i didn't see his face. But he was wearing a shirt, stripes, red or something, like a corporate guy. I was performing my ablution and suddenly he tap on the water than flowing and let it pour on my head. I was pissed off after several times, so I changed to other pipes. And not to forget, I saw my roommate in my dream. As people gather to perform the solat, he did his solat outside, in wrong direction at the ablution place which is watery and uncomfortable. Then I woke up.

What just happened?