Monday, March 9, 2009

Maulidur Rasul

A few days ago, my roommate showed me a blog which I categorize as a RUBBISH. Generally, the blog was written by a Malaysian, not a Muslim but as I traced the language style used in the blog, I would conclude that the blogger is a Chinese. The content of the blog was full of hatred (his hatred) towards Malay. If he (no wonder the blogger is he or she) wants to critic Malay, I still can consider his blog as a media for him to express his unsatisfied feeling towards Malay. However, his next point after insulting Malays, He insult Islam. In the blog, he named Islam as I Slam. He questioned the practice of a Muslim and Allah, he claim Muslims' God is not exist. A question came to my mind. Why do you need to express your feeling to other religion which you don't like it and as you hope the religion will vanish completely from this world??

Why do some non-Muslim really hate Muhammad?
If you are not a Muslim, give me 10 reasons why do you need to hate Muslims' Prophet, Muhammad. If Jesus and God can be turned into jokes, Islam prohibits its followers to make fun of their Allah and Prophets.

Please understand us and be considerate to others.

March - A month to remember

5 March,

When you are getting older, lots of things came into your mind. Turning myself into a new age make me to think what I had done in the past 19 years. Am I a good son, a good student, a good friend and the most important, AM I A GOOD SERVANT OF HIM?
Many people celebrate their birthday with pranks, stupid pranks. Why don;t we change the culture into something that is more good and spiritual as we are grateful to God for still giving His bless on us to breathe on His Earth for 19 years.
Celebrating a birthday is not wrong, but how we celebrate it must be question. Why? Go back to your holy book.