Friday, March 23, 2012

An Enlightenment on Banner Issue

Assalamualaikum and Good day to all people.

As I arrived in my room from Jumaat Prayer, there is one post which attract my attention to explain about politic issue in UTP. Allow me to enlighten the issue in the manner where this post is open and does not fall to any side.

My reading is based on a post from this blog:


Allow me to explain some points which I found not really accurate in the situation and as a leader, I am convinced that you could handle this issue professionally. As we know, not many people prefer to talk about this issue, but let me post it here as my comment is too long to post in the Facebook. Your idea, Sir, is splendid and gives benefits to UTP students. However, I would like to explain some issue which I would like to express it in a proper manner.

Before we go further, we will look on how this issue become a big issue and how we should handle this issue properly.

How it happened?
It was a nice evening where everyone is tweeting in tweeter talking about their life, excitement, not to mention thoughtless tweets. Then suddenly somebody tweet on something about SRCUTP Facebook (fb) page. As a curious person, I took a look at the page and saw iFest banner in SRCUTP fb page. SO, where is the issue?
Scrolling down the page and I see lots of them shout, angry and disappointed with MPPUTP. And I see the similarity of the content tweeted by those people.
"They do not like the banner wording."

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? it's just a banner. Then I looked back at banner. There are some words in the banner which is not suitable to be placed in the banner. The issue is there but some students were too emotional in the twitter or their style of writing looked in rage.
As the banner is about religious issue, thus we cannot run from associating this banner appearance with one of the famous student body in UTP (If you know what I mean). Sadly, some of us were too carried away with our emotion thus blaming the student body controlling MPP. However, do not blame us because this issue becoming a hot topic after 2009 Campus Election. Enough for me to put here history do play part in this issue.
We do not oppose the program even we support if more programs will be organized in the future. However, it is not to our liking where the image of Islam is deteriorated from this banner. As I mentioned in my comment before, some of it:
"A good program with a good content with a good intention and expecting good result from the program. However, there are some words are not being used correctly to show the intention of the program resulting to audiences to see the program as an insult to other religions. Thus this will create a bad image to the religion itself....... Choosing the right words is essential for social harmony...."

There some rationals we need to consider talking about this issue.

With the slogan "Towards Development of Students' Integration", this 2012 line of MPPUTP wants to develop students with four aspects with three highlighted aspects; Spiritual, Culture, and Sports. Let us pause for a while and ask ourselves this question:
"Do UTP students aware about this? "

We do understand the situation faced by our MPP as they face a hard time with the students. As someone in the organization for a long time, I understand the author understand what efforts had been done to solve the problem and what hardship they faced in the past. But that one should be used as a lesson to push MPP to become a better one. We are waiting for you to come out with ideas which benefit the students.

Students never want iFest to be stopped. There is no comment which want the program to be stopped. Just go on with the plan, organize the program. We do not oppose the program.
What we demand from the page is to CHANGE the SRCUTP fb page banner to other picture. There is no opposition towards the organizing the event. Please be clear that we do not oppose any religious events. If the events just for you guys and you want to promote it to us. Just go on! It is one of your effort towards da'wah to your friends, right? And if we do not interested, then you already accomplish your duty. To spread His Words. And it is up to us to join the event or not. We re not being cynical towards religious programs, it is just one mystery elements which distance us from you guys. (OK now I'm grouping you).

We do understand that banner just for promotion and MPP does not gain any profit from the banner, but considering our other friends from other religions, we think some words may hurt them. Seriously. One comment from our dear friends comment that
"What happened if a banner is produced where the topic is 'Denying Islam and Muhammad Prophecy' or other religions too.... "

I'm touched with the comment. From our friends which I believe, not a Muslim. And I would like to explain more, I think it is INAPPROPRIATE for you to put us as 'being too caring and sensitive' in this issue. Well, I do not see this program invites all people from various religion background to join this program. If not, why such provocative words are used in the banner?
This is different than InFUD program which had been done before. We look at the program banner, it seems like it just for Muslims, not for all. So how we can improve this banner which can appear more welcoming to our friends?

As we are dealing with people, we cannot get angry easily, plus as a leader, we must listen to all opinions, comments and views from all parties and judge it wisely. It is not that this issue should not be discussed but this small things could lead to disharmony in the future.
Plus, dealing with young people, MPP need to be aware that some students do not have mentality like we do. Some people think the other way around and it is the leader responsiblity to re-direct the thinking parallel with what they want.
I would like to touch an issue about those who protest the issue hardly, which are Muslims because they think that banner is a big issue. For you it might seems small, but not for some of us. And if you say you cannot satisfy all people, that is true! But at least make it less offensive, even we as Muslim do not feel ashamed to talk about the banner.
And I would like to address this point to those who came out with some comments about Al-Munafiqun. As I observed the comment, it seems this guy is trying to say that those who protest this program, especially Muslims are Munafiq. And you sir, being pious and disregard people's feeling are good? Indeed, a very good person you are. Please bear in mind that we are not selling our religion when we protest about this. I'm disappointed with the student's attitude where he wants to label people as Kafir as disagree with the banner. This is the point where some of us, who do not have 'enough' religion teaching think you guys are bad. Bad people gonna be bad bad bad bad bad. And you guys? Hail to the Haven, may Lord Bless your souls! (I'm carried with my emotion, haha..)

I'm not a person with religious knowledge that much. I rarely read the Quran and I cannot remember much Hadiths. However I do understand people around me with different religion backgrounds and cultures with different personality. For me it is a crime for you to openly disrespect other religions.
I'm here to come out with my points about the banner issue and our sensitivity to our friends. We are not opposing Islam nor supporting other religions. We do understand the need of the programs, and we value the efforts done to make the event a success. We confess we did a lots of negative perceptions towards those who went to the mosques and Islamic programs. However, where does the negative perception come from? We understand NOT ALL of you are like that, but there some of you who are very negligence, very extreme and very sceptical to us until it make us away from you. This is the situation where the quotes:
"It is not the religion which distance the people, but the people in the religion did".

It is similar to what you had said before. If you cannot approach us and understand our thinking, How we suppose can understand what are you telling us?


Monday, March 5, 2012

Selamatkan Adik Natasya!

Memandangkan hari ni birthday aku dan aku sebenarnya nak buat kerja tapi dilayannya tido ternganga ha kau.. memang tak jadi la. Jadi aku buat lah entry kali ni...

Hari ni twitter sibuk bercakap pasal sorang minah ni yang kata bangga dapat minum arak. Dan dia cakap dia tak buat maksiat pun...

My first reaction was:
"Wao minah nie! Hebat siot minum arak masuk facebook! *kutuk xde agama la blah3"

Then aku pun join sama2 la kutuk2 kat twitter. Tiba-tiba rasa nyesal pulak.
"Sedap mulut kau kutuk orang. kau ingat kau tu baik sangat?"

Aku pun mula la nak tgok siapa budak ni dan apa masalah dia.
aku buka Nota Kosong punya blog. Kisah Adik Natasya Loffa.

Ini entry tertunda Nota Kosong. Sebagai orang yang sambut birthday hari ni, aku rasa agak terkilan la. Ada jugak sambut birthday togok arak. Aku pun semalam sambut birthday minum kopi tin sambil tengok Man U lawan Spurs semalam. Tu pun study untuk test pagi ni.

Sebagai orang yg selalu curious (baca:busybody) aku pun mula la rajin meng-google siapakah beliau ini. Aku jumpa dua blog. Satu blog ada satu entry Natasya Loffa Life dan satu lagi yang banyak entry; Natasya Loffa. Siap ada fanpage lagi! Bertaubatlah Natasya Loffa

Bagi aku, Natasya ni sama je dengan gadis2 biasa di luar sana. Ada BFF, ada boyfriend, ada kawan2 masuk modeling selection, gaduh2 dgn boyfriend, sambut birthday. Normal la macam orang lain. Cuma dia ni mungkin kurang didikan agama la kot. My assumption. Kalau ada kawan2 Natasya tu, boleh la tolong betulkan. Mana la tahu dia belajar sekolah agama ke, kan?

Natasya ni dia sayang sangat mak dia. My assumption Natasya ni anak kepada seorang ibu tunggal. Pasal bapak dia aku tak nak la amik tahu. Bagi aku, mak dia ni kuat bekerja nak sara hidup diorang. Mak dia pun mesti sayang gile2 kat Natasya ni.

Kalau kita tengok komen Natasya pada caption tu, kita pun tahu dia sayang mak dia. Sangat-sangat. Dia pun tinggal sorang2 kalau mak dia tak ada nanti.

Bila aku baca semua ni, aku tak rasa nak kutuk dia lagi. Natasya ni kira antara remaja-remaja Islam yang terlepas peluang memahami ajaran Islam dengan betul. Dalam komen dekat fb tu, dia cakap dia tak buat maksiat. Dia cuma minum arak dan mabuk sahaja. Subhanallah.

Tafsiran aku dalam mesej dia tu, aku rasakan dia beranggapan bahawa maksiat tu bila ada persetubuhan antara lelaki dengan perempuan sahaja. Kalau minum arak ke apa di kira ok lagi.
Itu yang aku rasa.

Ini satu contoh yang baik kepada ibubapa dan dan golongan muda agar tidak melupakan ajaran agama untuk disemai dalam diri anak2. Kadang-kadang ibubapa terlalu kuat bekerja sampai lupa akan tanggungjawab terhadap anak-anak sehingga anak-anak mencari keseronokan sendiri. Tambahan pula, kalau berada di kota raya, pengaruh-pengaruh negatif itu banyak. lagi la risau ibubapa dengan kehidupan sosial anak-anak. Kerana anak-anak itulah yang membentuk pemimpin masa depan. Namun, kalau segala ilmu agama dah diberi, jalan yang salah tetap dipilih, berdoalah agar hatinya dibuka untuk menuju jalan yang benar. Bagi aku, Natasya ni dah kira baik la jugak sebab dia masih sayang ibu dia. Yang lain tu je la agak memeranjatkan. Kalau dia berkelakuan baik, sopan, menjauhi arak dan perkara-perkara maksiat, dia mungkin jadi anak yang solehah. Sejuk perut mak mengandung nanti.

Lagi satu, nasihat kepada semua. Kita tak perlu share private life kita dengan orang lain dalam Internet. Internet ni ada berjuta orang yang akan tengok apa yang kau buat. Dan kalau gambar tak senonoh tersebar mula la jadi isu hangat. So, untuk adik Natasya, aku harap dia delete account facebook, twitter dan blog dia secepat mungkin. Nanti stress kang, panjat KB Mall dan nak bunuh diri pulak.


p/s: birthday rasa tak best sebab ada post mcm ni