Tuesday, November 30, 2010

200th post: Till we meet again, Pal!

I have completed my last final examination today. What a relief.

6 papers, three weeks, two days before my depart to Kerteh and one day to pack things up.

I had lots of fun this semester. Although I went through all things almost by myself alone, I did enjoy the time we had together. I started talking to my juniors which end to be my friends. Especially with my friends, and friends of my friends, knowing new people yet can't remember their names. :P

A lot of things happened this semester. Starting from SIFE, with my beloved BEEPers, Ain, Faris, Shidi, Fari..Na... haha... Tasnim, and Petra. Talking and gossiping with the makciks, Secured CIMB fund but till now we don't get the grant.. haha.. went to KEMAS, dizzy dizzy with shidi at KEMAS during the makcik's first training, Went to Shabu-Shabu steamboat restaurant. Having a good time eating and talking for three hours there. I'm sure the owner of the restaurant impressed with us. SIFE never make my day empty. Always have meeting with Mr Am.

SIFErs, they never disappoint me. Any chance, I would join the events or any invitation. I'm open for invitation. "Mapley" is a must. Almost met with accident when we went to Anep's sister wedding. Joined CSR team members to a two-game bowling outing with shouts and cheers. most of the time shouting. Everyone looked at us like we never play bowling before. A blast Raya celebration even though my "Baju Raya" I bought it three years ago. SIFE looks like a part of my life in UTP. Can I survive without it?
SIFErs.. they're ROCK!

My friends? They are the coolest, the best one. there's lot of things about them. Especially my new gossip-mate, Farahin. We shared laugh and tears together, gossiping together, dinner together, updating news of course during the dinner, accidentally assist me in Chef Gala with Mira Gaga, and now we have our own way to go. Good luck for your internship, girl!
Chef Gala 2010.. nice one girls~
My raya with my family is kinda bad, kinda good too. what would you say about it? During Aidilfitri, it was just me and my sis, Dura celebrated our first day of Raya. Then by brother, Fikry came back on the second day. The third day of Aidilfitri, we have our cousin engagement, Siti Badariah with her fiancee, Syuk. Having steamboat, celebrating my Mami's birthday. But this year, we celebrated Raya Aidil Adha at KL. not at Kelantan, but better because me, Abe, Dura, Farah and Pendi can celebrate the raya. Still, we went to Cekcik's house and Kak Ning's house. Who said raya never be fun in KL? Let us keep the emotional part aside. Appreciate the laughter we have.
My coursemate, ICT, and our beloved friends of BIS, we are on our own way now. Choosing our own minor, later on the class will become smaller and smaller. I plan to take Software engineering for my major and my minor for my study here is Corporate Management. Observing this university demands performance of students, I choose corporate management as my minor because my ability is toward reading stuffs, not numbers. I have to forget my teacher's advise to choose Corporate Finance as this field are demanded by most companies. But what can I do, Miss Nini? I'm not that capable to play with numbers. I still can cope with some numbers, when it come to formulas, equations, some laws, theories, I don't think I can play with numbers. My vision will be blurred and my head will get dizzy. So if you haven't choose your minor, better start thinking now.
BIS Jan08.... Happy internship guys~

Internship really drove me crazy. I had to decline an offer to Miri, went for an interview with KPMG, but failed it. Looking for some placements around KL, finally decided to go to Kerteh. Once I got the house, confirm with my housemate-to-be, Khazanah called me for internship interview. Dealing with new people for new house to rent, looking for one house to another, do not know where is Paka is, when are we going. I can't really focus this semester because of this internship matter. Sometimes I regret I declined the interview from Khazanah. May be I should try to get an interview with the company for my job. Hopefully I can get a job there. Who knows?

In two day more, I'm off to Kerteh. on 5th December, I'm gonna have my first day of internship. Some of you are no longer in UTP or we might not seeing each other tomorrow or the day after it. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I wish you good luck for your studies, internship, or working. UTPians, we gonna meet again in the next 10 months. To all SIFErs, I'll see you in the next 7 months during SIFE Malaysia National Exposition 2010. Better make it the best one. Strive for it. 'till we we meet again, Pal!

*let see if I can update my blog from my office then. Bye~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Resepi: Kuah putih Laksa/Laksam Kelantan

tipikal laksam yang selalu makan~

  • 3 potong ikan tenggiri
  • 4 cawan santan/ dari 3 biji kelapa
  • 9 biji bawang merah
  • 3 sudu teh lada hitam
  • 2 biji limau
  • garam secukup rasa
  1. Siang ikan. Basuh dan kukus selama 2 minit. buang tulang ikan.
  2. Blend ikan dengan bawang merah dan sedikit santan.
  3. masukkan bahan yang sudah dikisar ke dalam periuk bersama santan, lada hitam, asam limau. Tambahkan garam sedikit untuk perasa.
  4. masak dengan api kecil sehingga mendidih. Jika terlebih masak, santan akan pecah minyak.
  5. sedia untuk dimakan bersama laksa/laksam.

ni la laksam~

Resepi: Nasi Dagang

3kg beras nasi dagang
1 cawan santan pekat
2 cawan santan
7cm halia
3 sudu teh halba
2 sudu teh gula
3 sudu teh garam

1. Basuh dan rendamkan beras selama 5 jam sebelum dimasak
2. Potong bawang merah dan halia
3. Rendam halba dalam air, toskan.

4. Basuh dan toskan beras.
5. masak air dalam pengukus sehingga berwap. Letakkan beras di atas pengukus. Kukus sehingga beras 3/4 masak. Pindahkan ke dalam besen.
6. masukkan 2 cawan santan, kacau sehingga sebati, pastikan beras nampak berkilau. Tambah air jika perlu. Letakkan beras pada pengukus dan kukus sehingga masak.
7. Tutup api pengukus. masukkan nasi ke dalam besen.
8. masukkan santan pekat, halba, halia bawang merah, garam dan gula. Kacau sehingga sebati.
9. tutup nasi dengan daun pisang dan biarkan seketika untuk dihidang.

kredit to buku resepi keluarga Dato Nik Ahmed Kamil. ^^v

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post malas sebab nak study.

this morning went to Ayer Tawar for driving class. Practise make worse. itu yang dapat dicakapkan buat masa nie. Makin teruk ada lah.

Balik got meeting dengan Mr Am. Ain ajak teman pergi jumpa mr Am. Tapi masa pergi tadi, ain takde pon. Petra dgn Shidi je pergi. Apakah?

Tomorrow I will have Business& Cyber Law final exam Paper. In the morning. and after that I need to rush to Ayer tawar for JPJ test. Hope everything is ok. Wish me luck all of you!!!

Just have our last dinner for this semester with my dear friend, Farah. Gossiping is the main topic. What else? owh, I forgot to buy eggs for my cake. so there will be no cake tomorrow. Sorry Mak cik~~ ke nak buat butir nangka? at least sume brg dah ada. Bg kat dak2 nie pg esok? hurm.. that sounds ok kot.... hahahaha....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost solved

Just keep staring,

I won't care anymore.

Just keep staring.

You and I,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Once broken

I'm not in a mood of studying. I'm broken tonight. my mood suddenly goes down until I feel stress about it. But I shouldn't




I think I have solved this problem.
But it breaks my heart apart.

Am I too bad to be forgiven?

Irony: The Sunny Rain

It was raining outside, under a blazing sun.

Quotes: Annoying

"Before we put a person as annoying, put ourselves first in the place."

Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Laughter and Tears

Let us live up our life
Fill it with laughter and tears
Marching upon our ways

to the rhythm of the nature
give us a new adventure
it something worth for you to capture

It's our LIFE!
Full of laughter and tears
Never put in any fear
'cause it will never make you any near
to the life you desire

Just let the past to cry
and see the future smiles

you never know what will come
and if you can handle it with the vile

Just keep it on until we die
Let Him guide us with His Light
So just go on and go on your life!
It's the only thing we can have
to have a life!

It's our LIFE!
Full of laughter and tears
Never put in any fear
'cause it will never make you any near
to the life you desire

There's no one control you
you are now only you
to decide is up to you
It's only you.....

the 190th post

Quotes: Disturbing

"It is disturbing when I worry about you but you never think about me."

Tolerance: Am I losing it?

This morning, I woke up with curse and hatred. It was damn cold morning and it's my fault to not using my blanket. But my mind keep cursing and cursing. After a few hours, I looked back. Why should I curse and hate in early morning? Since when I suddenly become so intolerance and hating people easily? But I cannot express my hatred. Do I need to have have one?

I think I'm losing my tolerance nowadays.
I need to find myself.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quotes: Baik Jahat

"Bukan senang nak jadi baik. Bukan susah nak jadi Jahat"

Borak-Borak: Dilema Pelajar

baru habis short meeting dgn kawan. Maybe football match antara Malaysia n Iran dah habis kot. Last skali dapat tengok, Iran dah score 2 gol. Shilako! Sejak study dengan Gowe, dah addict tengok bola. Apakah? hahaha... ok la. kita borak-borak pasal tajuk Dilema Pelajar yang saya post semalam.

"Bila nak exam baru la nak terhegeh-hegeh baca Quran, solat tahajud, solat hajat apa. Kalau tak, tak buat pun."

Pelajar la kan. Biasa la. bila nak exam baru nak gaduh-gaduh nak ingat Tuhan. Sebelum tu? ada nak ingat?
Sebagai seorang Muslim, kita mestilah ingat sentiasa pada Tuhan. Namun, kita sebagai manusia sering kali terlupa. Begitulah insan. Insan bermaksud orang yang selalu lupa. Kita belajar, kita hidup, mestilah bergantung pada Tuhan. Tiada makhluk lain yang patut kita beri pergantungan yang mutlak (ultimate dependance) melainkan Allah SWT.
Sekiranya ada statement seperti ini dikatakan oleh orang lain, atau timbul dari diri sendiri, janganlah ia menjadi satu halangan pada diri kita. Kadang kala, kita terlalu merendah diri sampai perkara yang dipuji Allah pun kita malu nak lakukan. Kita mestilah sedar bahawa, apa-apa perkara atau perbuatan yang dipuji Allah itu merupaka perbuatan yang baik dilakukan. Tidak kiralah orang lain memandang serong bila kita mahu berubah kerana manusia itu tidak sempurna sifatnya. Kita boleh berubah sikit demi sedikit. Perlahan-lahan, kita belajar hikmah di sebalik perintah-Nya.
Bila kita nak baca Quran, nak solat hajat, tahajud dan sebagainya, lakukanlah. Jangan difikirkan apa-apa yang dikatakan oleh orang lain. Biarpun kita baru mula buat semua itu menjelang musim exam sahaja, janganlah kita malu. Sambil-sambil kita berdoa pada Allah agar habit ini menjadi habit kita setiap hari. Sekiranya kita sudah usaha untuk mengekalkan habit yang baik ini, tetapi kita tetap tidak dapat mengekalkannya, janganlag bimbang. Kita sudah berusaha sedaya upaya untuk menjadikan habit ini satu habit yang kita akan lakukan. Namun, mungkin kita masih belum kuat imannya untuk beramal secara berterusan.
Tapi, janganlah kita tinggal terus habit yang baik ini. kita mestilah sentiasa berazam menjadikan perkara ini sebagai sesuatu yang lazim. Insya Allah, kita akan dapat menjadikan habit yang baik ini sebagai sesuatu yang memberi manfaat kepada kita di Akhirat kelak.


Dilema Pelajar

"Bila nak exam baru la nak terhegeh-hegeh baca Quran, solat tahajud, solat hajat apa. Kalau tak tak buat pun."

Korang rasa adil tak statement atas nie? Nanti esok kita cerita pasal mende nie. Okeh?

Quotes: Somebody

"IF you see somebody like someone you loved, you better check yourself again, honey. You might not in love with him/her anymore."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quotes: Mark

"If you don't want to see me again in your subject, give me good mark."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Twilight versi Raymond

Alkisah aq merajuk dgn seseorang la kat tempat aku nie. So aku pon melarikan diri dan menyorok di bawah lori. ada tempat nak sembunyi. Lepas aku masuk, ada la sorang lagi mamat nie yang masuk bawah lori jugak. Lori tu pun bergerak... gerak nyer gerak, aku amik phone aku dari poket kiri. Ala baru 25 minit merajuk. Tapi aku ni nak gi mana? then tiba2 kami tiba di satu tempat yang bersalji. then aku nampak orang dari lori tu cam supply barang kat tempat tu. tempat tu boleh kata zoo la. sebab aku nampak ada sekor panda kat sana. Ada sorang mamat yg bawak lori ni cakap2 dgn penjaga zoo. penjaga zoo tu cakap kitorang kat banting. Mamat tu cam taktaw sgt tempat2 kat malaysia. dia duduk kat blakang lori, sambil mencangkung. Aku dah takut dah masa tu. Dia pun cam tanya ala2 bermonolog sendirian.
"Kat mana ek Banting nie?"
Sebagai pelarian bawah lori, aku buat bodo je la kan.. haha... tetiba je ada la sekor singa jantan mana entah datnag dari depan lori. then dia nampak aku kat bawah lori, tgh duduk2 kan. Singa tu datnag dekat dan dekat. Aku dah cuak dah. apa la nak jadi. Jangan ko baham aku sudah la. Penjaga zoo tu perasan aku. Dia pijak ekor singa tu. terus singa tu stop. Kami pun meneruskan perjalanan seperti biasa. Then baru la aku jwb dlm hati soklan mamat atas lori tadi.
"Banting kat selangor la wei~"
Tup tup, kitorang dah masuk KL. Tengah turun bukit. Aku dapat vision ada kemalangan yg akan berlaku. Dua kereta hitam akan bertembung dan yang aku pasti lagi, kemalangan nie merupakan yang dirancang. Aku pun cuba la meloloskan diri. then tiba-tiba je rasa opening lori tu dgn jalan dah kecik. Baru aku sedar lori tu dah jadi Kereta hitam yang akan terlibat dalam kemalangan.
Aku berjaya meloloskan diri. begitu jugak mamat yang duduk bwh lori skali dgn aku tadi. Lori yang kini menjadi kereta hitam brek secara mengejut sebab nampak orang keluar dr bawah keta diorng. So aku terpelanting and kereta hitam tu betul2 stop depan aku. Ada empat orang kat dalam kereta tu. 2 lelaki 2 perempuan. Satu pompuan rambut pendek. yg alin rambung panjang. Malangnya lelaki tu aku tak ingat muka diorang. Kami ditangkap oleh 4 orang nie dan dibawa ke satu tempat.
Nampak2 dah dalam satu ruang tamu. Mamat tadi kena gigit kat sorang nie. Vampire rupanye yang culik kitorng. Selepas vampire 1 satu nie mengigit mamat tu dia dimasukkan ke dalam satu bilik, aku dah takut la. mati la kena gigit kat vampire nie.. last2 dia bawak aku ke beranda bangunan tu. Dia tunjuk ada la dua tiga orang manusia dok tgh buat apa ntah and ada lagi kat atas bangunan, tunjuk signal "GOOD"
Entah la camne tiba2 je ada berita yang vampire jahat nak serang vampire yg ada dgn aku sekarang nie. Aku dah takut dah. Vampire2 nie semua terima je battle nie. aku dah takut. Aku tgok kat tempat diorang bertarung. tempat lapang, tapi tempat lapang tu dikelilingi oleh bangunan la. so diorang gaduh kat sini kot.
Masa tengok kat tingkap tu, aku dah cuak. then tiba2 je rasa ada tangan pegang leher aku. tangan tu hitam. baru la aku perasan, sebelah bilik mamat yg kena gigit tu ada satu bulik yg ditutup dgn gril. Aku dah cuak. tangna tu cam nak tarik aku masuk bilik tu. Aku tak nak la kan. dengna naluri ke-tak-mahu-an, gril yg berubah menjadi tangna tu dia tutup aku dan aku dapat tengok diri aku dgn gril tu menjadi dua orang budak kecik. then jadi figure ibu dengan baby and last skali aku dapat vision yang pelik2. Baru la dapat lepas dari gril tu. bagai dia tahu aku tak nak masuk bilik tu.
Aku terkejut sebab mamat yang kena gigit tu dah jadi vampire. muka dia dah berubah. muka cam pelakon Kabuki, rambut cam Jiraiya Naruto and dia sangnat dahagakan pertarungan. Aku cakap tempat nie bahaya. Dia makin suka. then dia lompat keluar dari tingkap untuk berlawan. PArt tu aku tak concern.
Aku toleh kiri. Ada dua orang manusia kat bilik tu. sorang mamat pakai sut bartender cam omputeh yang ikat rambut dia, sorang lagi minah dalam umur 30++, rambut pendek, ikat jugak. Muka cam condolezza Rice. Dia pakai baju batik 1Malaysia kot. Siap tulis ROSMAH dengan ROS melintang n MAH tu turun bawah kat bahagian kiri baju. Aku kenal la minah tu. tiba2 aq boleh teringat yang Rosmah pernah datang ke tempat aku tuk buat survey. entah survey apa entah. then minah ni ada la skali. then masa Rosmah datang kat tempat ku tu, dia unfortunately experience something yg memalukan. aku dah lupa apa mende ntah. tapi memalukan la.. public plak tu. besar kemaluannye... hahaha... then bual2 dengan minah tu. Nama dia El. Dia sebenarnya tak suka rosmah tu. Ikut pun sekadar nak hidup je la.. bukan dia suka pun rosmah tu. Sempat pulak gosip2 kan.
Aku pun cakap la tempat nie tak selamat. So aku, El n mamat yg pakai sut bartender tu lari masuk kereta. mamat tu bawak keta. El kat depan, aku kat belakang. then aku dapat vision yang kereta yg kitorang naik tu akan dikepung oleh 2 lori kain. diorang akan hampar kain depan n belakang kereta kitorang. Aku toleh belakang. Sah! ada satu lori kain tgh kejar kitorang guna gear reverse kot! Aku jerit la kat driver yg kita akan kemalangan skali lg n kemalangna ni dirancang. Pastu lori kain tu dah dekat dengan kitorang. Aku harap mamat vampire boleh datang selamatkan aku. Lori kain dah makiin dekat. keadaan dah semakin genting.
Last2 aku bangun dari tidur. Dah pukul 7:09 malam. tu la tido lepas asar lagi. kan dah mimpi pelik2. Nasib baik aku tak mimpi jadi Bella dalam twilight tu. kang tak pasal2 ada cium2 dengan Edward.. hahaha....

Kalo aku jadi Bella dalam mimpi aku, tak ke menangis semua pompuan nanti? Nasib baik aku tak taw watak aku dalam mimpi tu apa.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Aku insan yang kejam
Kejam pada dirimu
kejam pada diriku
kejam kepada yang lain

Aku insan yang kejam
yang putus asa meminta maaf
yang putus asa mengharap belas kasihan
yang putus asa terhadap keikhlasanmu

Aku insan yang kejam
membiarkan dirimu diam membisu
membiarkan diriku diam membisu
saling pandang bak angin berlalu
tidak wujud dalam hidup kita

Aku insan yang kejam
yang sudah celaru akan fikiranku
yang sudah celaru akan emosiku
yang sudah celaru akan rasionalku
mencari secebis ihsan
mencari sepatah kata
menanti tegurmu
menanti ketawamu
menanti dirimu

sampai bila kita terus
berlaku kejam menikam hati
menyulam kebencian
menyemai ego
memetik buah larangan?

Aku insan yang kejam
kejam padamu, padaku
kejam pada segalanya

GLEE- Awesome Teenage Dream

Awesome Teenage dream by boys in GLEE.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quote: Hate/Love

"You don't need hate if you don't love"


URGENT! Looking for housemate to be (MALE ONLY) during internship in Terengganu, internship area- paka/kerteh. Semi-D, RM600/month, 10 min from Kerteh Port, 20 min from PMO Complex, 20 min from Mesra Mall, the house is at Paka. Deposit 3 months (which means RM1800) with an agreement. I just need 4-6 people who wants to stay there from the beginning of internship until the end of it. Please reply ASAP in 3 days. Effective until 11/11/2010

Rayo Haji 2010 - Demo Sambut mano?

Serabut weh. Serabut palohotok nok mikir.
Mulo-mulo nok sambut rayo haji kat Kolo Kerey
Pahtu nok sambut KL la pulok...
Ho la... soghe2 duduk KL gak. Semeleh lembu kat KL la ..
tahun ni kito rayo haji kt KL
Sene crito.
Mudoh baso.


Geography Club by Brent Hartinger

I bought this book because I thought it is about a Geography club. I was wrong but yes, it is a story about building a club but, there is another story about this club. I warn those people who want to read this book to be open minded because it has something related to sexuality. Or should i say a journey of a boy in search of his true sexuality? Hint; LGBT. Happy reading!

Sunset Express by Robert Crais.

An interesting detective novel by Robert Crais. I would say this novel is kinda complicated yet explained in a good narration of Elvis Cole. Try to hit this book. You may love it.

Isnin Setengah hari

Pagi-pagi dah bangun. biar terlajak pun. Tak nak breakfast, sebab nanti Gowe mesti ajak aku makan lepas nie. tekak sakit giler. berkahak.
Dah sembur2 perfume, tunggu Gowe kat cafe. Pergi block 2. nak buat demo lab wireless. I got a huntch yg Abang Ruslan takde hari nie. Pergi jugak.
Sampai lab, lab tutup. bilik Abang ruslan pun gelap. Hantar meseg kat abang ruslan. dia reply "Maaf saya cuti hari ni." Hurm.. dah sedih. Linda datang sebelum dpt reply meseg. Patah hati. Terus keluar pergi Taman Maju.
Sampai taman maju amik Asif, kawan Gowe, kami makan kat Bayan. Sakit tekak lagi. Hantar Linda balik v5. Pastu patah balik amik surat reply intern. Nak pergi Batu Gajah. Buka akaun Maybank tuk intern n terus hantar reply letter.
Samapi Batu Gajah, masuk Maybank, dengan suara ala-ala Rani Mukherjee tanya akak kaunter tu nak buka akaun. Akak tu cakap "Adik kena datang pukul 2 ptg nanti." Patah hati. Tengok jam. 1200 owh tgh hari. Kejap tolak 10 minit. Dah lunch ke? Laju je.. memang kalo kita kerja nanti kena buat macam nie ek? Datang lambat, lunch laju, masuk office lambat, balik laju. Ooo... cam nie...
Patah hati. Balik utp. kita jumpa balik Rabu nie. kalo ada masa la... kalo datang rabu nie takde jugak, memang aku pergi Ipoh buka akaun. Lahabau susah giler.

*tulisan dibuat tanpa consider apa dah dibuat hari i ni. So segala komplen adalah tidak relevan.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

BEEPers and Shabu-Shabu

It's eat-until-your-stomach-burst time!

Last Thursday me n another 5 members of BEEP went to Shabu-shabu. guess what? this is the first time I went there. Lots of students from UTP spot this Shabu-Shabu steamboat as their favorite place to gather. Well, I agree that this place is awesome!

Initially, we planned to have ikan bakar around Lumut. However, none of us know the best place to have ikan bakar. Thus, we decided to go to Shabu-Shabu instead. Departed from UTP around 7:45pm, we went to the petrol station as the tank was almost empty. Having 6 people in the car, 4 of us at the back seat needed to sit in a small space. What a hell!! haha.. but we managed to remain at our seat during the journey.

There, at shabu-shabu, we took as much as we could. Anything from steamboat stuffs, BBQ things, ice creams and much more. we ate and ate and ate and ate for almost three hours. we arrived at the restaurant at 9pm and we finished about 11:30pm. haha... then, some of us still want to have another round. What kind of stomach they have? hahaha....

Well, that night was one of the best outing I had with BEEPers. After this I'm not gonna have this kind of chance in the next 10 months. Because I will have my internship later..huhu.. T_T gonna miss you guys.

Thanx to always-think-positive-Project manager, Ain Mansur, Mom-always-call-Asst Project Manager, Wan Petra, silent-and-blurred-yet-funny Tasnim, blurred-but-sometimes-informative Shidi, and new-and-fresh-busy-boy Faris Ashraf. Not to forget Mom-always-threat-me Farina who did not able to come to the party.
Thumbs up!

*pretty bad coz my camera was not functioning. all pictures were with faris.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jangan aniaya orang miskin.

Baru dapat tahu, ada peserta dalam projek kawan aku kena tipu. Dah la peserta tu miskin. lepas tu kena tipu pulak. Ingatkan orang yang kitorang jumpa nie baik, last2, pagar makan padi...

Manusia, suka sangat sikap tamak nie...


Busy Bee~

Last week and this week are my busy week. even though not so busy and crazy as last semester, I just need ONE subject that drives me crazy. Not like Britney Spears but to Hell. However, i still went to the class this morning and with my hardworking (wow~) effort finishing the report, I sighed that i still put my effort on something that I have no interest anymore.

We presented our project this evening. This is the first time I didn't feel excited about completing my project/subject. Lame, Da~~~ so we just finished the project as we need to complete it. As no mean as that. Sigh.

You know, I never feel this kind of disappointment before. Just one subject. It ruins everything. I can expect my result is not so good. But my friend, Zulothman said,

"My result is not everything. The most important is, I learn a lot from this subject."

Yeah, even though this subject is lame, but I do learn a lot from this subject.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Flu. Emotional unstable.

Flu is kiling me. When i am busy with project completion and assignment submission, flu comes like hell. this is among the worst flu I ever had.

i submit my assignment but I late to take my exam slip.

Currently having emotional unstable and lost interest to entertain people.

Do not do stupid things or ask question to me again. I'm currently annoy people. This may continue for two or three days.

You make shit to me, I make hell to you.

*flu nie buat rasa nak terjun bangunan tinggi jah. ish~

Every man is equal

This is my words based on rationalization.

From my point of view, I respect all people as the same. Whoever they are, what they had done, as long they do not bring destruction to this world. I do make pre-assumption for a person I see before I meet them. However, I tell myself pre assumption is just an expectation from you to the person. The most important when meeting a person is how we value them as they are. We have to know why they behave in such manner or what is their great influence in their life.

Life is full of exploration. Human is the creature which is unique from each other. Even twins do have differences. I put myself in a neutral state where I cannot say a person is good or bad until they are proven. If they are good, appreciate them, if they are bad, we look why they are bad and help them to become good. Do not give hatred to them as they are also human who have feelings.

Always assume good things about a person. Never ever see a person is bad. Life will tell us whether he is good or not. Just take care of your life, do good deeds, avoid bad deeds, be nice to people and you will have your life to the fullest.

Quotes: Down

"If I feel down, I'll try to cheer myself."