Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Day Left

Tomorrow, is the last day of my company's financial year.
Yesterday had department meeting. Many things had been revised and many projects need to finish.
Currently finishing the video-making task. I hope I can finish them as soon as possible.

Even though some tasks were done under my expectation, I really feel sorry for myself for being not so productive. My fault!

Hope new financial year will give a new insight for me to have my internship. Insya-Allah.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

4 months has gone.

It's four months. 4 months. 4 MONTHS!

If I looked back on what I had done in the last 4 months is not so productive. I'm more involved with ad-hoc tasks. May be I need to start something new now. huhu...

Currently feel sad with my conditions.

Hey! may be I can learn something new after this. So my life will not be bored anymore!!!

Chayok raman! chayok!!!!

Update. hari nie.

Hari nie baru nak update blog kan.
dah bersawang penuh dengan rox2 segala macam. huhuhu...
topic banyak nak cakap cume xde masa nak berblog.
baca blog boleh la.. hahaha...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rabak! Rabak!

Walaupun internet di rumah sewa laju bak laju air sungai Nil, apakan daya, Empangan Aswan menyekatku daripada mengalir bebas di delta muara sungai Nil.

-Update xbyk. gile buat video, montage, satu projek lagi bakal diberikan. rabak, rabak-

-kalo facebook rajin lak nak update kan.. hish!-