Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well it's hurt... a bit. And I'm glad.

Whenever I see a person I care the most once in my life, I felt a bit hurt with the happiness which I don't have it together with the person. I'm a loner. Yes, whatever you want call me. I'm not a person who is attached to a group in my life. pretty bad, huh?
Talking about hurt, my heart starts to heal a bit from the unknown-feeling-hurt-disease which make me feel more glad with the situation.

Oh, crap! This holiday is meaningless for me. I need something to feed my life!!!!!!!

Thinking again, I am in miserable states where I need to get my life normal. Wait. Do I have a normal life? May be. but I'm not sure whether I ever have a normal life 'cause it has been a long time I forgot when is my normal life. When having friends around or parents? this whole life is turning me crazy.

Soul mate? I think I'm gonna put this thing OUT from my mind first. Geez, pretty bad, huh? Well, I don't think i can be in a relationship for this time. Not that I cannot give my commitment, it's more like I shouldn't be in a relationship. Several cases I encountered in my life taught me love is tough if you don't have trust. Some people don't trust me anymore. If a person cannot trust me, how can I let anyone to trust me since I'm not trustworthy? I better find an alien area where no one know me and I can start a new life. When is the time? Just wait and see me disappear. On that time, I mean to be alone.

Thanks for spending your time to listen to my babbling tonight. Hope you will be blessed with your kindess to lend some of your time to read my crap.

It's a crap!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Dear Jill, Joyce, Stephanie and David and all my Christian friends,

Merry Christmas!!!!

And to all my friends,

Happy holiday!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Every step I take
you follow
Every thought I made
you deviate

You are my greatest fan
take my move from end to end

My eyes glare
My mind in flare
I'm no longer insane

You tie your strings on my body
You blend my brain to crazy
Let away from everybody

Why do you come to me?

Why this happen to me?

I was in pain and sorrow
Never want even to know
Hope there still day tomorrow
Please let me go from this hollow

You are the one
who ruin my life
Let me free from your sight!!!!!

Quotes: Human

"People don't only see you as a person, but as a human too."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Monsoon, Baby!

Hi there!
Gosh! It has been a week. AGAIN! Thank God I'd bought a broad band service. Seriously, I really need the Internet. Not for entertainment only, but for my work. But of course most of the time i used it for entertainment. Just Facebook and blogging. not that many. May be i take a look on Glee newest episodes, looking for a new attractive videos from the cast.
It's monsoon season in Terengganu. It was raining heavily today, starting from yesterday. our house has no proper drainage. Thus our drain is filled with water, and MOSQUITOs. They were like an army of mosquito and a bit stupid cause i can grab them with bare hand. and they are big too. Aedes is common here. Some places around Paka, Kerteh, Kijal and Kemasik can't be passed by cars. the road were flooded with waters.Some of our friends were stranded and they got a holiday! It's not fair! Muahahahaha... Well, it's not my luck to be there. Work must go on.
Internship? My training? It was awesome. but sometimes I felt useless as I had not much knowledge on the field I am pursuing right now. Taking IT while practicing HSE. It's pretty tough huh? What I'd learnt from previous week is, I need to be more proactive, more participating and ask more questions if I don't understand. Plus, I need to think ahead. I hope I can do much better this week. I have a task to complete a video. 5-8 minutes video. Hurm, I was not that into video even though it is interesting. Let me see through the story board. I have been looking at my laptop for almost 5 hours with Microsoft powerpoint, picture manager, adobe photoshop and paint. I was sick today!

Hatred. I am sick of my weakness to hate people. I have been living with hatred for more than one year. I know I did a big mistake. May be i still don't learn my lesson. I hope I can fully forget the past and start with a new leaf. I don't mind if the sweetness that we have today is a lie, because I rather live my life with lies rather than crying for my regret. It seems we heard about this before huh? Even though we explicitly seen have no problem, we are still scarred with our past. I hate to admit it and now I have to.

May be this time I really need to let it go.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A week of working life

Hi there! It has been a week I didn't update my blog. pretty busy. and no Internet too.. I almost die of not having Internet.
Well, regarding the title, It's not really a week. Just a few days of working time. I'm in PETLIN (M) SDN BHD. About my work, let keep it a secret. I just don't like to mention my work here. May be I'll talk bout my life in Paka, Terengganu.

Just one thing I'm sure.

God, I don't know I should thank You or doubt You. Most of my wishes turned completely different. Your Plan is always unexpected. Help me to go through this 10 months with no problem.
The more you tried to run away, the more it come closer to you.
To what extend this statement is valid in my life? I leave everything to You.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Off to Kerteh, Terengganu

It's 5:07pm in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Tronoh, Perak.
Gonna take my bus at Sri Iskandar bus station to Paka, Kerteh, Terengganu for my internship at PETLIN (M) SDN BHD .
My next coming posts will come from Terengganu.
See you there!

"Na Na Na Na Na, Ganu Kitte~"