Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Messy, messy messy. is the only thing that I could say about my room and my LIFE. I just came back from Kuala Lumpur, attending a competition namely as SIFE NAtional 2009. During my preparation to the competition, I didn't manage to put all my things at its place. Kinda frustrated with myself.. huhu....
After came back from KL, I was caught by a flu. Still, when i'm writing this blog, my body is still hot. So hot. I'm not a person who used to take medicine when I'm sick because it will fade slowly. Hopefully I will recover soon.....
(T_T) huhu....

Thursday, July 16, 2009


No fear
No anger
Just forgiveness I want to hear
No fight
No fright
It is the quarrel that have we might
I humbly put down my proud
to seek forgiveness
on what I doubt
To have the forgiveness from
The Almighty.
To have a peaceful life
hopefully till the eternity.
You shine my heart
you gave me my part
in the world of your side
Without questioning
who am I
you welcoming me with
your heart open wide.
Thank you.

Be serius, I'm not pushing.

Frankly speaking, nothing pleasured me much.
What I wanted was just an optimistic thinking.
Not more than that.
Develop your confident.
Trust your friends.
Motivate yourselves n your friends.
I don't ask you to accept every word of mine
Just look at it.
You want it, take it, if not, leave it.
If you need me, I'm always here for you.
If you are not, let me know.
I'm more pleasure to go down this stage with proud and honour.
I hate to push people
but I kinda enjoyed being pushed.
that is my stupidity.
that lead my life
into misery.
Handling everything alone without support
it's me.
being cheated on my own stage.
I'm the biggest fool on Earth.
what I demand is
a willingness
to do the job
sincerely with your heart
because I believe
that you can go far
than you are now.
I don't want you to work too hard.
Just a positive mind
and a little bit hard work.
If you can do the job excellently,
by doing a little effort.
I don't mind.
But when it is time for you to be tested.
Do have the smile
and let us 'shine' with your lines.
Thanx for the smiles. Sorry for my 'crimes'.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Left... but that's ok.. haha...

Yesterday, after we finished our works at 6 pm, we went to surau v2 to perform our Asar prayer. We planned to go to Mr. Bob's restaurant for dinner and straying around 'pasar malam' at Taman Maju. I was a little bit late when I arrived at the surau as I went back to my room. Then, at the surau, I figured that my phone's casing wasbroken. I just bought it last week. hua.... :(
I told them I need to go back to my room without leaving a reason. haha... I fixed it and I waited for their call in my room.
While waiting for the call, I took out some of my belongings out from my brown box, arranging them to the place I thought they should be. haha... It had been three weeks I stayed with Anep, living in a new room with a temporary roomate took me to moved my boxes from village 2 to village 1 and to village 2 again... haha... kinda tired for moving things around and around. As long as I'm still in UTP, that's ok... huhu...
Pasting a decorative paper on a wall which I used to put all my notes for homeworks and projects, I then realized that the time had passed and it almost reach 7 pm.

Weird. No call.
As I was taking another decorative paper, my phone buzzed and it was Mat, our Log Man. He told me that they totally forgot me as the cars are full. They left me alone in my room. (No offense, guys.. haha... :P )

Frust? Naaaa... Neutral? Totally!
I'm not a person who used to frust on things easily. Only things which is important that can make me upset. Haha...

Looking at the bright side, at least I managed to unpack my items in my rooms. Plus, I was 80 % finish cleaning my room and arranged all my belonging to their places. :D
However, I still need to rearrange my wardrobe. It is not in its best condition... in other words, worst...
huhu.... :P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SIFE SHELL- A reflection

6th July, 3pm- Everyone was tired. Me too. Having our D-Day at SHELL building, we just came back from SHELL Project For A Better World. The result of the competition is not as what we expected. Based on the presentation and the QnA session from the other teams, we simply could say that the only competitiors is Uniten. That what goes wrong. From the orning, watching 7 teams of SIFEs in the Shell theaterate, i could say that that we SIFE UTP had a bright chance to win the competition. However, during the announcement of the winner, we apparently just won the consolation prizes. Shocked? Frustrated? Those things were circling around us when we heard the result. But we managed to be proud of ourselves as we did our best for presentation and become as honest as possible in our presentation.
May be it is too late to talk about this, but I already had a feeling that we won't be able to win the competition based on my observation during our presentation and the QnA session. One of the judges said, "I don't know what to ask." it was whether a doom sentence or our victory sign. it shows whether our project is good or bad.
In term of presentation, we believes, we had given our best compared to certain universities which just reluctantly entered this competition without sufficient preparation. i do believe that they realize that they should do better in term of presentation if they really want to win in this similar competition next year.
Based on our reflection, we think that the thing that drove us away from our presentation is the content of our project. May be TiEC is not suitable to be bring to SHELL competition. we could see that those who win the top three place produced products that can save the environment. Well, we just create environmental awareness among future enterpreneurs. Who cares, huh? Although we got lots of compliments form our SIFERs friends there, we did not have our luck then.
But, this will not put us down. Insya-Allah, we can win in the national Level.

p/s: I would like to express my gratitude to Miss Debbie for helping me duirng my presentation. thank you so much.