Saturday, October 3, 2009

A week after his death ~ dedicated to my late friend, Hanif Imran

Hari ini, 3 October, Genap seminggu pemergian kawanku, Hanif Imran Zainudin (14/06/1990-26/09/2009)

A lovely guy with a kind-heart guy who cheers friend and family. Anyone will feel comfortable with him.

How I missed him as we did not see each other for a long time, but it never come to my mind that death could come between us.

Actually, he is a person who i admired his cheer and hardworking and his concern towards his friends makes him special...

Susah gak la nk cari gadoh dgn dia coz he is a harmonizer n joke cracker, always stand for his right and I still could recall our moments together...

WHen I got a message from my friend, Fahmi,informing his death, I was sleeping on that time. Seemed everything was fine, so I thought he was joking. Checking my Facebook, a news from Peja, I numbed a while, tried to accept his death. I got a call from Firdaus, the warm water was at my eyes, waiting to fall down at any time. I called his phone, a stranger answered the call. He told me his body was at the hospital. He met with an accident at Gua Musang. He and his aunt both passed away on the spot. His aunt was thrown outside while he, the one who drove the car was stuck inside the car. I cried and cried as he left all of us. I wish I was the one who leave this world first.
Condolences from his friends were never stop on that day at his Facebook and Friendster. he post a shout out "Who am i to u?" a day before his death, that was a sign of his death.
I thought of meeting him again in 10 years later, watching him with his wife, his children. Well, seems It won't happen then.
Only God know what we will be in the future. Wallahua'lam.

Hopefully his soul will be placed among the blessed one. Al fatihah.
I missed him like Hell.

Some pictures him which I would like to share with all of you...

During activity week 2007

During Grand Dinner, with our advisor, Miss Nini

May Allah bless you.


  1. oit rahman.mane gambar aku?hoho.nk ak masuk.hoho.mmg sdeh.i only accept it after coming tu uM.hoho.hope we can recite al-fatihah n yasin to him.iallah.

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  3. sy rakan sekelas ms arwah sekolah rendah.. br hari nie sya tao pemergian sedey sgt..slama nii sy cr dye smpai skrg,,kawan lm sy, bla sy tao..da 2 thn dye pergi.. da xdew jdh2 na fatihah for him..