Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Adios 2012! Olla 2013!

I said to myself.
"I will never cry again on my mistake and I will stop apologizing. I apologize once and only once. Then, I can see if he/she has a big heart or not within him/herself."
I opened Raman's Bakery. Sell cakes, find my joy in baking. Really release my stress. Besides, I enjoyed myself doing all those stuffs. Future plan perhaps :)
I enjoy my life better. No more whining bitch in this year. Just me having this life to the fullest.
I traveled to Pulau Tioman. First time to Island for Diving. Enjoy it
I traveled to Rompin for my friend's sister's engagement.
I went to Langkawi. Finished 18km walking from noon to evening. A new record. with a pair of sandals.
I was invited as guest chef for Nur Kasih Orphanage in Taiping.
I enjoyed myself accompanying orphans to Petrosains.
The busiest year I ever had after 2 years of loosening up.

 However, sky isn't always filled with the sun.
Kinda depressed released from employment with my sponsored. Did not cry, but sad. Disappointed to be precise.
Had my dream job in front of me. but family opposed it. Disappointed.
Was succeeded in a scam company but then I have to decline it. Lucky. Alhamdulillah.
Some people are leaving me. I'm ok. I'm not disappointed. Used to.
Can no longer act like no rules around. must have new rules when talking to friends.
some people hate suddenly. I don't know why.
When i want to move on, the opportunity I wanted dropped in front of me. AGAIN. What should I do?
Family financial never stops. (nak aku menjual ke hape?)
I was hoping the elder sibling could give some help. but... hurm~ no comment.

Talked to my uncle about my problem looking for a job. Big companies said I did not eligible and the small companies said I should get a better job. Durh.
My uncle advised me to stop worrying about the money I have to payback. I just need to live my life happily. Do want I want to do. Catch my dream. Open all doors that once closed. The door that I really want to go through. 2013  seems nice.

2012 ended with a smile.
2013, would you like to accompany me for my next journey?