Monday, November 5, 2012

Dream Job

I once had a dream. A dream created when I was a small boy. I talked to my late mom about this. I am confidence that I suit this job very much. I like the job because it allows me to talk to many people, taking care of them with love and let them have their journey safe and comfortable.
Last weekend, I attended the interview. I had my luck. I was selected. But mt family must oppose me from getting this job as my career. I'm in dilemma. I consult my friend, my sister. Everyone gives their support. I feel like I'm gonna get this job.
Then I called my brother. One word. It stopped me from getting the job. It's very hard for me to make the decision. I have to decline the offer. I'm good with the job. I know I can excel in the job and I can be the best employee in the job. But then, just one sentence made me think twice.
I may decline the offer. God, Kill me for doing this. I feel terrible. For myself, for my family.
I need a break. Away from here. Perhaps, an escape. Yes, an escape. I will do it.

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